Monday, April 6, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…wonderful friends & family who made the trip here to celebrate Ben’s birthday on Saturday! I’m also thankful for the wonderful family that just couldn’t make it because they are 1000s of miles awayJ…and for my family who loaned us their house to use for the party…and for my sisters who couldn’t make it. All in all…I’m thankful for both of our families & all our friendsJ I’m also so thankful for everyone who prayed for me on Wednesday…God lifted my anxiousness & replaced it with excitement. I think I was able to tell the Easter story clearly…and everyone had fun!
I'm listening to
…kids…I should turn some music on…there, now I’m listening to Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman.
What's for supper tonight…I think I should do this blog every day just for this one! It forces me to think ahead what I’m going to make & then I actually make supper on time
J I’m going to make taco salad…quick, easy, & everyone loves it!

Highlights from last week…The kids had a blast at the Science Center. Manda was so proud to go to her very own class about the senses. Benjamin went to a class about magnets. We all watched the movie “Fly me to the Moon”…best one we’ve seen there yet! Wednesday was the Kid Connection party…it went great! It was a bit chaotic & there are a few things I would change…but that’s how we learnJ Ben & I went on a date Thursday night for his birthday. We enjoyed our nearly free dinner & movieJ Friday the kids & I went to a friends house to play. The kids had a blast, it’s been too long since they got together! Saturday was the surprise party that apparently wasn’t much of a surpriseL…oh well…I still surprised him by inviting some friends of his from high school that he hasn’t seen in ages (thanks for coming Darren, Mark, & Ken!!!) Last night we went to an Easter play the pastors put on. It was a bit tedious for Manda & Kirby, but Benjamin enjoyed it & it was fun to get out.
What I'm looking forward to…hmmmm…last week I sooooo badly wanted to write about Ben’s surprise party here…but he reads my blog so I couldn’t…now I’m not sure
J I’m looking forward to Easter…doing fun things with the kids & helping it come alive to them. Also looking forward to supper with the Kid Connection leaders…and no kids!

What's happening this week…Not too much, it’ll be a treatJ…I get to have an adult only supper with the Kid Connection leaders…& a meeting with Pastor Kent to talk about Kid Connection for next year…might be taking some pictures on Saturday…not sure…& doing something special with Benjamin for his special day!
I am missing…having Ben cribbing. We are soooo grateful for the work he’s had this winter, but it’s just not the same…and it’s running out…and we have big bills coming up…Lord help me to trust!

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