Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where I'm At...An Idea Stolen from my Beautiful Sister:)

10 things I'm grateful for... amazingly supportive husband kids amazing church family Christian heritage
...having parents (grandparents) living so close by
...amazing opportunities to create memories & learn with our kids because they’re home with me in Canada
...memories my kids have with my grandparents
...that I was able to visit my dear friend Sheri in Mexico & get involved in their lives there
...a cousin who is willing to pray with me when I’m in the deepest depths...and allows me to do the same for her

9 things I miss... sister-in-law & friend, Cheri who lives in Norway
...our wonderful friends, the Elliotts who are missionaries in Mexico
...being in shape
...sweets...but Lent will be over soon enough
...having time for myself
...having all of our family (Ben’s & mine) living close by
...heading out west with Ben & the kids to enjoy the outdoors
...regular dates with my hubby

8 things I look forward to...
...visiting my grandparents
...going swimming with my big little brother
...making memories with my kids
...a visit with my friend Jodi
...a game night with my family when everyone is home
...being all together with Ben’s family & meeting my baby niece
...another chance to visit Beckie
...warmer days with no snow & spending more time outside

7 things I hope for...
...having the opportunity to watch our kids grow deeper & deeper in their relationships with Jesus
...being able to live close to my Auntie Debbie someday...and my cousin the same in Sundre
...the chance to take a photography course someday
...the courage & wisdom to listen & obey when God speaks
...a more reliable vehicle before winter
...the ability to see life through the eyes of a child
...being debt free
6 things I dream of...
... taking Ben & the kids to Africa
...having the money to travel with the kids
...being able to build our own house...out of town
...adopting a child from Africa
...becoming the wife & mom God intended me to be
...laughing & being completely in love with Ben when we’re old & grey

5 things I'm afraid of...
...losing Ben
...anything happening to my kids
...making wrong decisions
...carbon monoxide poisoning while driving
...a house fire

4 risks I'm glad I took...
...deciding (through tears & distress) to go out for “coffee” (tea) with Ben
...going to China for a month to babysit
...going on a missions trip to Mexico on short notice
...travelling on my own with the kids when Ben couldn’t get away

3 things I plan to never do again...
...text while driving
...say “yes” to too many things & therefore set myself up for a nervous breakdown
...break my ankle...or any other bones

2 things I dread... calls with creditors
...the day I don’t live close to Drew (my brother)

1 thing...
“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.  And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers...Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions & in truth.”  I John 3:16, 18

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soul Surfer

On Friday afternoon I had the privilege of going to a movie on opening night!  I’m not sure that I’ve ever done that before.  I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Jodi & her kids to watch “Soul Surfer”.  It was so refreshing to see a movie that had no questionable content!  For those of you who haven’t heard about it, “Soul Surfer” is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage girl who lost her arm in a shark attack.  I loved the healthy family & marriage relationships portrayed in the movie.  I loved the message portrayed that “I” am not the most important thing.  I loved the way the movie showed how the Holy Spirit works in people’s lives....when we are following Him, our lives become a testimony in themselves. 

I would definitely let Benjamin (9) see this movie...and I think that’s huge considering the VERY small number of new movies that I would let him see.  The only intense part is when Bethany is attacked by the shark.  If it weren’t for that I’d let Amanda & Kirby see it too (I still might & just take them out of the room for that part).  Anyway...all that to say that I’d highly recommend you go see it!!! 

Oh, one more thing...I LOVE I also loved the fact that this was a true story...and that the movie showed pictures & video of the “real” Bethany at the end (I’d have to watch it back, but I think there was also home video at the beginning).  I came across this youtube video after I got home & loved being able to hear Bethany share her heart in her own words...check it outJ.