Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bowling & ice cream

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about when I keep saying “special night”, check out this blog http://bhwerdalfamily.blogspot.com/2009/04/popcorn-hot-carrots.html where I explained it.

I was supposed to do Kirby’s special night on Saturday, but I was really having a hard time figuring out what the 2 of us could do that would be special for him. It’s not that he’s picky…probably just the opposite. He’d have been happy to take Fudge for a walk…but we didn’t want him to feel like we did something less special for him (the other 2 had a couple of hours with Mommy to themselves). After some brainstorming, Ben came up with bowling. The kids love bowling, but it’s always a bit of a challenge to go as a family because they’re in very different categories. We decided it would be a great thing to do with just Kirby & I. We headed off to Olds after supper. Kirby was sooooo excited! We got our shoes & a bottle of juice (which Kirby loves & is a real treat for him) & got ready to bowl! We were only there for a ½ hour or 45 minutes…doesn’t take very long to do a game with only 2 people…but we had a blastJ. I must say that Kirby didn’t do too bad either (either that or I did really badJ) with a final score of 82-106. I was a little concerned that Kirby would fall apart when it was time to leave, but he was just fine with it. “Where are we going now?” “To get ice cream.” We arrived at DQ & he decided he wanted a regular cone (not chocolate dipped). We sat down to eat & within a few minutes he was complaining that it was taking too long. I kept assuring him that we weren’t in a hurry, but he kept talking about it because he had wanted to eat in the van while we were driving (nope sorry, don’t want ice cream cone in the vanJ). I couldn’t figure out why he was so concerned about this till we were leaving. As we were walking to the van he asked, “Where are we going now?”. I thought I had warned him that we were going home after ice cream, but either I forgot or it didn’t click. He was quite disappointed, but by the time we got driving he was over it & enjoyed getting to pick which CD story to listen to (& not having 2 older siblings trying to talk him into a different oneJ).

Well, special nights for the month of May are done. I’ve had the opportunity to do one with each of the kids now & thoroughly enjoyed itJ. I look forward to many more of our “special nights” & the opportunities to get to know our kids a little bit better & make sure they know how much I love them! Ben will do special nights with the kids in June…I’m excited to see the fun they have with him!

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