Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mondays with Heidi...except today is Tuesday:)

I had full intention of writing yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind at the end of the day…so this week it’s Tuesday with HeidiJ

I'm thankful for…a healthy family. We’ve been praying this week for Ben’s 5 year old cousin Hannah who has serious heart problems. It has been a big reminder to not take our health for granted. Please pray with us as Hannah goes into surgery around noon today (MST).

I'm listening to…Manda coloring, Kirby picking up game pieces he just dropped all over the floor, Benjamin helping Kirby because some of the pieces fell in the “vent” (register) & he’s concerned about it starting a fire.

What's for supper tonight…Muffin meatloaves (I made these about a week ago…sooooo good!!! I don’t usually like meatloaf, but I could eat these a lotJ), potatoes of some sort, corn, salad…maybe even dessert. We’re having one of our employees/friends over to celebrate his birthday!

Highlights from last week…The kids started swimming lessons last Monday. It’s been ages since they swam so it’s taken them, mostly the younger too, to gain confidence again, but they’re thoroughly enjoying it. Benjamin & Manda both started soccer last week too. Since there was snow on the ground(L!), Benjamin was in the gym on Wednesday (which was no big deal). On Thursday Manda was in the arena…I thought about bringing jackets, but decided against it thinking surely it wouldn’t be as cold as when there’s ice in it! I was wrong!! We froze! Sure hoping it’s nicer this week! On Thursday I had a meeting with Pastor Kent to make some decisions about what’s going to happen with Kid Connection this fall. We made a couple of decisions…feels good to have an idea of what to plan for. Friday we went to homeschool day at the zoo. Benjamin went to a class about Peru while Manda, Kirby & I saw a few animals. I enjoyed experimenting with my camera & taking some really cool (I thinkJ) close ups of some animals. Unfortunately I didn’t realize my battery was almost dead…I wouldn’t have taken all the animal pictures…I have a couple of pictures of Manda & Kirby, but by the time Benjamin got out of his class the battery was deadL. I don’t like doing things like that with no pictures to back it up…just bugs me…oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go againJ. On Saturday I took pictures for the 90th birthday of a lady in our church & then headed out to take Kirby for his special night (more on that in a separate blog). My sister Trina overnighted here Saturday night because the rest of my family was gone. On Sunday after church we dropped her off at home. As we were driving away from their house, Manda said, “Mommy, where’s Grandma?” “She’s in Lethbridge.” “Cause I miss her! I want to give her a hug!” We had a relaxing afternoon…I even got a nap in! Then we watched Mary Poppins with the kids. I don’t know if I ever saw that movie as a kid…I know I knew the story & had read about it, but I don’t think I ever saw the movie…even if I did, it was fun to watch it with themJ.

What's happening this week…Swimming lessons, soccer, a dear friends birthday…wish I could be there to celebrate with herJ…supper with Jonny…trip to the library…Ben’s pouring a basement tomorrow…Saturday we’re going out west with James, Cheri, & Max (very excitedJ)…maybe out for lunch with friends on Sunday…most exciting for right now though is I’m getting my hair cut today! I had a couple of bad experiences with hair dressers & ended up deciding I wanted to try someone else…but there aren’t that many to choose from in Sundre…so I’ve procrastinated for a year & a half now! It’s really bad, I know…and I’m very excited to finally get it cut & get rid of the tangled mess of split ends. Whether I’ll like the new style…whatever that will be…is yet to be seen. The kids are super excited to go to my parents while I get my hair cut. We usually see my mom every couple of days…either dropping something off or stopping to say hi…but she’s been very busy trying to get things for the house they’re building in Lethbridge so we haven’t seen a lot of them. Manda especially is super excited to hug GrandmaJ. This week I’m also working on brainstorming…& picking other people’s brains…for name ideas for Kid Connection. Kid Connection is the name of the curriculum we used last year & because we’re not using it this year, we can’t use their name. I want to find a name that is fun & creative…something we can use for years to come…have some great ideas coming in so far!!

I am missing…Sheri’s birthday this week! Happy Birthday Sheri!!! I sooooo wish I could be there to take you out for teaJ. Love you my friend! I am also missing having enough work that we can have all our employees. It’s so hard in times like these having employees who are family. Even though I’m thrilled that we have some work again, it’s bittersweet because we don’t have enough work to bring Ben’s brothers (or my sister) back to work. Praying we can get that work soon…& that God will sustain their families in this time.

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