Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bowling & ice cream

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about when I keep saying “special night”, check out this blog http://bhwerdalfamily.blogspot.com/2009/04/popcorn-hot-carrots.html where I explained it.

I was supposed to do Kirby’s special night on Saturday, but I was really having a hard time figuring out what the 2 of us could do that would be special for him. It’s not that he’s picky…probably just the opposite. He’d have been happy to take Fudge for a walk…but we didn’t want him to feel like we did something less special for him (the other 2 had a couple of hours with Mommy to themselves). After some brainstorming, Ben came up with bowling. The kids love bowling, but it’s always a bit of a challenge to go as a family because they’re in very different categories. We decided it would be a great thing to do with just Kirby & I. We headed off to Olds after supper. Kirby was sooooo excited! We got our shoes & a bottle of juice (which Kirby loves & is a real treat for him) & got ready to bowl! We were only there for a ½ hour or 45 minutes…doesn’t take very long to do a game with only 2 people…but we had a blastJ. I must say that Kirby didn’t do too bad either (either that or I did really badJ) with a final score of 82-106. I was a little concerned that Kirby would fall apart when it was time to leave, but he was just fine with it. “Where are we going now?” “To get ice cream.” We arrived at DQ & he decided he wanted a regular cone (not chocolate dipped). We sat down to eat & within a few minutes he was complaining that it was taking too long. I kept assuring him that we weren’t in a hurry, but he kept talking about it because he had wanted to eat in the van while we were driving (nope sorry, don’t want ice cream cone in the vanJ). I couldn’t figure out why he was so concerned about this till we were leaving. As we were walking to the van he asked, “Where are we going now?”. I thought I had warned him that we were going home after ice cream, but either I forgot or it didn’t click. He was quite disappointed, but by the time we got driving he was over it & enjoyed getting to pick which CD story to listen to (& not having 2 older siblings trying to talk him into a different oneJ).

Well, special nights for the month of May are done. I’ve had the opportunity to do one with each of the kids now & thoroughly enjoyed itJ. I look forward to many more of our “special nights” & the opportunities to get to know our kids a little bit better & make sure they know how much I love them! Ben will do special nights with the kids in June…I’m excited to see the fun they have with him!

Mondays with Heidi...except today is Tuesday:)

I had full intention of writing yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind at the end of the day…so this week it’s Tuesday with HeidiJ

I'm thankful for…a healthy family. We’ve been praying this week for Ben’s 5 year old cousin Hannah who has serious heart problems. It has been a big reminder to not take our health for granted. Please pray with us as Hannah goes into surgery around noon today (MST).

I'm listening to…Manda coloring, Kirby picking up game pieces he just dropped all over the floor, Benjamin helping Kirby because some of the pieces fell in the “vent” (register) & he’s concerned about it starting a fire.

What's for supper tonight…Muffin meatloaves (I made these about a week ago…sooooo good!!! I don’t usually like meatloaf, but I could eat these a lotJ), potatoes of some sort, corn, salad…maybe even dessert. We’re having one of our employees/friends over to celebrate his birthday!

Highlights from last week…The kids started swimming lessons last Monday. It’s been ages since they swam so it’s taken them, mostly the younger too, to gain confidence again, but they’re thoroughly enjoying it. Benjamin & Manda both started soccer last week too. Since there was snow on the ground(L!), Benjamin was in the gym on Wednesday (which was no big deal). On Thursday Manda was in the arena…I thought about bringing jackets, but decided against it thinking surely it wouldn’t be as cold as when there’s ice in it! I was wrong!! We froze! Sure hoping it’s nicer this week! On Thursday I had a meeting with Pastor Kent to make some decisions about what’s going to happen with Kid Connection this fall. We made a couple of decisions…feels good to have an idea of what to plan for. Friday we went to homeschool day at the zoo. Benjamin went to a class about Peru while Manda, Kirby & I saw a few animals. I enjoyed experimenting with my camera & taking some really cool (I thinkJ) close ups of some animals. Unfortunately I didn’t realize my battery was almost dead…I wouldn’t have taken all the animal pictures…I have a couple of pictures of Manda & Kirby, but by the time Benjamin got out of his class the battery was deadL. I don’t like doing things like that with no pictures to back it up…just bugs me…oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go againJ. On Saturday I took pictures for the 90th birthday of a lady in our church & then headed out to take Kirby for his special night (more on that in a separate blog). My sister Trina overnighted here Saturday night because the rest of my family was gone. On Sunday after church we dropped her off at home. As we were driving away from their house, Manda said, “Mommy, where’s Grandma?” “She’s in Lethbridge.” “Cause I miss her! I want to give her a hug!” We had a relaxing afternoon…I even got a nap in! Then we watched Mary Poppins with the kids. I don’t know if I ever saw that movie as a kid…I know I knew the story & had read about it, but I don’t think I ever saw the movie…even if I did, it was fun to watch it with themJ.

What's happening this week…Swimming lessons, soccer, a dear friends birthday…wish I could be there to celebrate with herJ…supper with Jonny…trip to the library…Ben’s pouring a basement tomorrow…Saturday we’re going out west with James, Cheri, & Max (very excitedJ)…maybe out for lunch with friends on Sunday…most exciting for right now though is I’m getting my hair cut today! I had a couple of bad experiences with hair dressers & ended up deciding I wanted to try someone else…but there aren’t that many to choose from in Sundre…so I’ve procrastinated for a year & a half now! It’s really bad, I know…and I’m very excited to finally get it cut & get rid of the tangled mess of split ends. Whether I’ll like the new style…whatever that will be…is yet to be seen. The kids are super excited to go to my parents while I get my hair cut. We usually see my mom every couple of days…either dropping something off or stopping to say hi…but she’s been very busy trying to get things for the house they’re building in Lethbridge so we haven’t seen a lot of them. Manda especially is super excited to hug GrandmaJ. This week I’m also working on brainstorming…& picking other people’s brains…for name ideas for Kid Connection. Kid Connection is the name of the curriculum we used last year & because we’re not using it this year, we can’t use their name. I want to find a name that is fun & creative…something we can use for years to come…have some great ideas coming in so far!!

I am missing…Sheri’s birthday this week! Happy Birthday Sheri!!! I sooooo wish I could be there to take you out for teaJ. Love you my friend! I am also missing having enough work that we can have all our employees. It’s so hard in times like these having employees who are family. Even though I’m thrilled that we have some work again, it’s bittersweet because we don’t have enough work to bring Ben’s brothers (or my sister) back to work. Praying we can get that work soon…& that God will sustain their families in this time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Unexpected Joy

Yesterday was an interesting day. At first it seemed like it would be a good day, but by about 11:00 I was getting more & more frustrated because Benjamin wasn’t at all motivated to get his school done & it was looking like we’d be at it all day long…& I wanted to go outside & enjoy the sun! Anyways, when Ben called to say he was done pouring & that he might like to go to the Bass Pro Shop to see if they have a part for his gun, I brushed it off. I don’t mind going to hunting/camping/etc stores with him, but usually get tired of it long before he’s done. I did want to go to the Bass Pro Shop though…it’s a brand new store & supposed to be pretty amazing. I got thinking that with something like that for motivation maybe Benjamin would get his school done…and at least it would get us out of the house. I suggested to Ben that we all go & he agreed.

Well, Benjamin did get a move on his school which was nice. We headed out just before 4:00. I was still feeling down, but was glad to be out of the house & expecting my mood to change. We arrived at the Bass Pro Shop & I was excited to see what all the talk has been about. Even just on the outside of the building there was so much detail! Well, we walked in, & all I can say is WOW!!! My mood was completely flipped within 5 minutes of being in there. We spent 1 ½ hours walking around the store. It was phenomenal. The kids loved it. It was a science field trip/lesson that I’m sure will stick much longer than the writing lesson we were struggling with in the morning! It was so fun to just be together as a family (we’ve had a lot of that this winter, but this was somehow different), to marvel & dream together & to enjoy some of the amazing animals God has created! We didn’t spend a penny in there (at least not this timeJ)…but somehow that made it even better. I won’t even begin to try to describe the store…I could never do it justice. My favorite part though is how when you walk in the doors you can see all the different scenes & it feels like you’re looking at a portrait of the different parts of Alberta…yet when you start walking through the store, each of those parts on it’s own feels very different, like you’re there & a part of it.

To whoever designed the Bass Pro Shop & whoever made it become a reality…thank you…you made my day…and I will definitely be back to wander the aisles with the kids while Ben shopsJ. Lord thank you for the beautiful animals you created. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to see some of them up close & see the details & intricacies that make it so obvious that You made each & every one. You are awesome God!! Thank you for using something so simple as a new store to speak to me yesterday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…work! Ben is hauling & standing forms today…feels really good after so long! We have also started to have other jobs trickle in…now we just need to get enough lined up so we can bring Ben’s brothers back to work.

I'm listening to…Kirby playing outside, Manda digging out a puzzle, Benjamin asking questions about school.

What's for supper tonight…waffles…breakfast for supper…as per Benjamin’s request. J

Highlights from last week…Monday, Tuesday were mostly just hanging around home & playing outside. Wednesday the kids had some friends over while their mom went to a couple of appointments. Thursday the kids & I did a little shopping in Olds & then headed to the Zion Evangelical Missionary Church in Didsbury. We had the opportunity to sit in on AWANA! In trying to prepare for Kid Connection this fall & get new ideas, Pastor Kent thought it would be a great opportunity to see what we could learn from someone else & it was well worth it! I was able to get some great ideas that I definitely plan to use this fall…and the kids had a blast! Benjamin was immediately asking if we could go back again. Friday I took the kids to Red Deer to do our shopping trip…and to go to Scott’s Parables to look at VBS curriculum & curriculum for Kid Connection. It was a long day, but went fairly smoothly. Especially exciting was buying Kirby’s booster seat! We no longer own any carseats!!! He was sooooo excited!J Saturday was our nephew Joey’s 3rd birthday party…as always, I enjoyed capturing the event in picturesJ. That night my brother Andrew came to watch the kids while we went to couples night at the church. It was “Impress your Wife” nightJ. It was a lot of fun…lots of laughs…chance to visit with adults…the guys did all the cooking, serving & cleanup…especially thankful for my honey who made me feel really specialJ. Yesterday we had promised the kids we would ride bikes. We just bought Manda a new bike as she had outgrown her little one. Hers did not come with training wheels, but we decided not to buy any, but rather to take Benjamin’s off his bike & therefore force him to learn without. We’ve tried the last 2 summers to teach Benjamin without, but it just wasn’t working. We realized that when he always had the training wheels to fall back on there just wasn’t enough motivation. So yesterday Ben put the training wheels on Manda’s bike. Benjamin fell apart because he thought he wouldn’t have any fun, but rather spend the whole time trying to learn to ride. After a talk with Daddy about trying & Ben encouraging him that he COULD do it, he headed outside to try. Within15 minutes he had it down pat! He still struggles a little just when he slows down to stop, but he’s riding! So proud of himJ.

What I'm looking forward to…being debt free…someday…

What's happening this week…Today the kids start swimming lessons! It’s been a long time since we’ve been swimming because our pool pass expired in November & we haven’t been able to afford to renew it. They’re really excitedJ. Wednesday & Thursday Benjamin & Amanda start soccer. Benjamin is super excited because he remembers it from last year…but I think Manda is even more excited. Other than swimming lessons she’s never really done her own thing like this…I think it’ll be really good for her to be able to do her own thing separate from Benjamin & Kirby. Thursday I’ll also have a meeting with Pastor Kent to make a decision about Kid Connection for this fall. Friday we go to the zoo for homeschool dayJ. Saturday will be “date” time for Kirby & I…after I’m done taking pictures for a 90th birthday party! Whew…sounds like a busy week…I’m looking forward to it though…it’s fun stuff!

I am missing…not much right now…still miss Elliotts, but that’ll be the case for the next 3 or 4 years, so you probably don’t want to hear it every weekJ. Otherwise though, I feel pretty content. God is good!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Popcorn & hot carrots

Just wanted to share a quick story with youJ.

A long while back I read something somewhere about an idea that I really liked & we’ve used it ever since…for probably 2 years now. Every month on the date of the kids’ birthdays, they get a “special day”. For example, Benjamin’s birthday is on Nov. 12…so on the 12th of every month is his special day. The idea was to do something special with just Mommy & Daddy without the other kids. Often it has taken the form of staying up later than the other 2 & playing a game. Anyways…recently we decided we wanted to be able to do things one on one with the kids, not just with both of us. I wanted to be able to do girl things with Manda & for the boys to do boy things with Ben. So this month we’ve changed up the routine a bit. Ben & I are going to switch each month doing one on one days for the kids’ special days. The month of May is mine, so I’m doing one on one “dates” with each of the kids. In June Ben will do the same.

Last weekend, I took Benjamin with me to take family pictures. He loves taking pictures too & posing people so I thought he’d enjoy it. Unfortunately the actual picture part was a little to scattered & quick for him to really help me, but we did have fun going to DQ for supper afterwards & he thoroughly enjoyed being able to pick whatever he wanted off the menu: hot dog, fries, watermelon slushy, & dilly bar. We were hoping to wash the van afterwards, but the car wash was closed.

Tonight was Amanda’s night. I’d really been looking forward to this because we very rarely do “girly” things together. When we watch movies as a family it’s neutral ones that everyone will enjoy. Ben took the boys for a drive so we could have the house to ourselves. We had decided to watch a girl movie (I had surprised her & gotten Tinkerbell.), paint our nails, & eat popcorn. Once the boys had left I asked her what she wanted for a snack. We had talked about popcorn previously, but I wanted her to have the chance to change if she wanted. “Do you want popcorn?” “No, let me look.” (She looked in the fridge & pantry.) “OK, popcorn.” As we started getting out the popcorn & popper, Manda suddenly got really excited. “I KNOW!!! Popcorn & hot carrots!!”

I have to admit we don’t eat a lot of cooked carrots around here because neither Ben nor I like them, but my Mom has made sure the kids have had them as they’ve grown up. Manda has always struggled with really hard crunchy foods, so she (& Kirby too) just loves them now. Often when I get carrot sticks out at lunch time she’ll ask me to make her “hot carrots”. Anyways, I can’t say I’ve ever thought of cooked carrots as a movie snack before…but who am I to turn down the 5 year old of her favorite food on her special day!?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank you Lord for work

So, Ben & I have been talking about how last year, we had so much work that we started to just take it for granted that there would be work the next day, week, month. Right now it’s easy to be thankful for each job because we’re just hanging on financially, but what if in a month or 2 or 3 we have tons of work again…or maybe not tons, but steady work…will we be as thankful for that phone call? We want to make sure we acknowledge & give God the praise for work…now & when work speeds up. With that said, this is my first installment of “Thank you Lord for work”. Don’t get worried…I’m not going to post every time we get a job & bore you with that…but I want to make a point in the next months, year…to remember what this was like to not have work & give God the glory for the work we have.

Some of you know that last weekend we were waiting to hear back about a possible job. We were supposed to hear on Friday, then on Sunday…Monday we still hadn’t heard. Neither Ben or I had our hopes up for that job, but that was the only possible job we had so we kept praying. On Sunday someone at our church talked to Ben about helping him out with a basement. At the time we understood that he just wanted a hand for a few hours…a couple of days maybe. Although we wouldn’t complain about any work, ideally we wanted to do a basement. Anyways…Ben met with him on Wednesday to help set up to dig & founds out that actually we have the contract for the job! Ben got home to tell me that & within a few hours we had gotten a call about the other job too…we didn’t get it. I’m so thankful for this new job that “came out of the woodwork”. I’m also thankful that God allowed us to find out about that one first before we found out we didn’t get the other one. I was so down last week & really didn’t want to go there again. Thank you Jesus for showing us once again that You will take care of us!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


OK, so I gave you tiny peek into the surprise I received last week & promised more info…so here it isJ

Last Tuesday, April 7 I was having a bad day. We had just found out that the job Ben’s had for the winter was coming to an end very quickly. Anyways…I won’t write all those details…go back & read my entry “Struggling” if you haven’t already to get a feel for what my mood was like that day. I posted that entry just after noon, did some school with Benjamin, fed the kids lunch & sent them off for quiet times. Somewhere in there I also started a topic on a Facebook group I’m in…looking for encouragement of how to have faith. I decided I had to do something to turn around my mood & “regroup” so I grabbed my Bible & sat down on the couch. I had barely sat down when Manda came in to grab a book. She looked out the door as she walked to the bookshelf & said “Mommy, somebody’s here”. I did a quick mental check & couldn’t think of anyone who was supposed to be stopping by. I leaned over & could see someone at the gate, but couldn’t tell who it was, so I got up & went to the door.

The first thought that went through my head was “Man, that looks a lot like Cheri……no it can’t be, she’s in Norway”. This thought was immediately followed with “Who on earth is that? I recognize them & should know their name…I’m going to embarrass myself by not knowing their name”. Once each of these thoughts had gone through my head with no answers, I opened the door. “Man, that looks a lot like Cheri……no it can’t be, she’s in Norway”… “Who on earth is that? I recognize them & should know their name…I’m going to embarrass myself by not knowing their name”. At this point I think I started to look like a jerky robot. Each time “Man, that looks a lot like Cheri……no it can’t be, she’s in Norway” went through my head I would step forward wanting to run & give her a big hug…but as soon as I thought “Who on earth is that? I recognize them & should know their name…I’m going to embarrass myself by not knowing their name” I would stop short, not wanting to run into a strangers armsJ. So that’s how it went…opened the door…did the robot…stepped outside…did the robot…walked to the edge of the deck…did the robot…went down the steps…did the robot. I must have looked pretty goofy (only Cheri really knowsJ…unless my neighbors were watchingJ). Each time those same thoughts was going through my head…as fast as I’d think it was Cheri, I’d tell myself it couldn’t be & try to figure out who this was. Looking back it’s really quite hilarious because I felt like it all happened in slow motion. Anyways…it was shortly after I went down the steps that I finally believed that it actually was Cheri. First I made some comment like “what on earth!?!”…then I was just speechless while she laughed…then I started crying…

It was just all so overwhelming. I went from feeling the most down I’ve felt in a long time to very suddenly feeling exceedingly happy & excited…bursting at the seams reallyJ. A cuddle with my nephew who we haven’t seen for 5 ½ months, a visit, & a long walk later I was pondering my afternoon. My mood was completely different. So really, what had done it? Yes, of course I was excited to see Cheri…but it was more than that. It was a God thing…I knew that much…but I just couldn’t put a finger on it…until I went back on Facebook & checked that topic I started.

Here’s what our pastor had written to me: I have a saying that I quote when times look tough or bleak. Here it is.
"Never question in the Dark what God showed you in the Light."
Think of how, when times were good, you felt that God was blessing you. How you feel so certain that He is going to use you for great things.
Well, when times are tough, that promise made by God has not changed. What God reveals to you will not change in tough or good times.
Want to know something else really cool - God looks after his children. Read through scripture and you will find example after example of God taking care of those who are faithful to Him. He still loves you and cares for you. He will take care of your needs.
Your job - be faithful to Him.
F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God)

Was any of this new to me? No! Is it hard to remember these truths in the middle of a tough time? Sure is for me…not sure what that says about my faith, but I’ll keep plugging away. Every bit of what Pastor Kent said was an encouragement to me that day…but guess which part stuck out to me? “He still loves you & cares for you.” Having a surprise visit from Cheri didn’t get us a job for tomorrow, it didn’t pay the bills, it didn’t even get any work lined up for the future, yet it completely changed my whole day & outlook on life. It hit me that GOD LOVES ME. You’d think after growing up in a Christian home & learning more about Him my whole life, I would have that figured outJ. If you’ve been following my blog since the fall, you know how much I struggled when Cheri (Ben’s sister) & then Sheri (missionary to Mexico) left. But now here & I am…and God gave me this wonderful surprise visit from Cheri…to remind me that He still loves me! He loves me enough to give me a sister-in-law who went to a lot of trouble to make her visit special to all of us. He loves me enough to give me a sister-in-law who understands how much surprises mean to me. He loves me enough to give me a sister-in-law who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading & listens…she came when I needed it most, instead of waiting a few days like she’d planned. God doesn’t change. If God loves me enough for all that, then He still loves me enough to take care of me in this tough time.

It may not look like we expect, it may not happen on our timing, but He WILL take care of us. He is allowing us to go through this time because He has a purpose. I pray that my eyes are open to see what He is trying to teach me. I pray that I can consider it all joy when I face these trials & that this testing of my faith develops perseverance & that perseverance will finish its work so that I may be perfect & complete, lacking nothing. (James 1:2-4) Here’s the part that stuck out to me when Ben & I read this the other night: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, & it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown & tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.” (James 1:5-8, emphasis mine) We sure need wisdom right now…so how do I make sure I’m asking without any doubt? Lord I want to be a rock in the sea, not the wave that is blown & tossed by the wind.

One thing I want to clarify as I’ve shared more of my heart in these tough times for us…I don’t write about my struggles to try & get people to feel sorry for me or to send me money. I truly believe that I need to be open & honest about what’s going on in my heart…not hide it & make it seem like everything is OK. I trust that makes senseJ.

OK, so some of you are dying to know why James, Cheri & Max are home & for how long. Well, when they left in October their paperwork hadn’t gone through yet, but they were able to move as temporary residents (I’m sure that’s not the right word, but the idea is that you’re allowed to stay temporarily for a while). So they moved, expecting their paperwork to go through shortly. Well, they’ve been there for 5 ½ months & still no paperwork. After 6 months they would get kicked out of the country, so the company that James works for flew them home so they can get the paperwork figured out. They plan to be home for a month. It was wonderful to have Easter together with the whole family & I look forward to being able to spend more time with them in the next 3 weeks. Thank you Jesus for sister, surprises, & most of all for Your love!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

Well, it might not be Monday by the time I click the button to post this, but it’ll have to doJ

I'm thankful for…Cheri & Sheri!!! The full story will be in another blog, but long story short…Cheri (Ben’s sister) surprised the pants off me (not literally, although I felt about that silly at the timeJ), by showing up at my door on Tuesday…when I fully believed she was still in Norway! Plus I got to talk to Sheri (missionary friend in Mexico) on Wednesday on Skype for the first time since they’re in Mexico (3 months)…so although we still don’t have work, I feel very encouraged that God DOES care…about work…about being able to see my friends…and He will continue to care & take care of us. I’m also extremely thankful that my family is homeJ…they’ve been gone for over a week & when I’m used to seeing them every couple days, it feels like a really long time!

I'm listening to…hum of the computer, Ben playing video game.

What's for supper tonight…ground beef & bean chili…lots of beans…black, lima, kidney, garbonzo…great way to fill out a meal for cheap…but I might regret it tonightJ

Highlights from last week…Checked my parents house a couple times while they were gone…Wednesday night supper with the Kid Connection leaders…delicious supper…no kids…thanks ladies! Had a meeting about Kid Connection & what to do next year…now we research & pray…kids have played outside tons in the last week…it’s been wonderful! Saturday I took pictures for Brandy’s family…took Benjamin along for a “date”…we had fun taking pictures & then going out to DQ for supper. Manda & Kirby stayed home with Ben while he worked on the truck…they played outside for over 4 hours & had an absolute blastJ Yesterday we had a wonderful Easter dinner at Ben’s parents with the whole family there!!! It was so nice to be all together…first time since Thanksgiving when James & Cheri leftJ Manda found her first ladybugs of the season & is elated…she has about 10 of them already…afraid they might not last long though, because we don’t have any leaves with aphids to give themL Today the kids played & let Ben & I sleep in…then we spent most of the day cleaning out the truck & van…inside & out…a long overdue job…getting ready for all the work that we’re praying is coming!
What I'm looking forward to…the day when I can fully trust God & finally kick my humanness out the door & quit worrying! Oh for the day when I will be “perfect & complete, lacking nothing” (James 1:2-12)! Lord help me to “count it all joy” when we encounter trials.

What's happening this week…The beginning of the week is pretty slow…but Thursday, Friday, Saturday will be crazyJ…Thursday I’m going to sit in on a kid’s group at another church to try & get ideas & learn from how they make it work. Friday I’m babysitting some friends of ours for a few hours…Saturday is our nephew’s birthday party…and Saturday night is a couples night at the church!

I am missing…Lane & Sheri, Alexis, Jemma, & Noah…with the weather nicer & the kids playing outside I’m reminded of all the times last year that we popped in on each other & how the kids loved to play together so much…and I miss our talks…been thinking about that a lot in the last few weeks…was so nice to catch up a bit this week & “see” them on Skype…but I still miss them like crazy…

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I’m struggling not to worry & would appreciate your prayers…

I just found out that the hourly work that Ben has had this winter is coming to an end. We knew this work wouldn’t last forever & have been truly blessed to have it. We’re at a point now where we have less than a week of work left & nothing else lined up. To make it through this winter paying business bills we have exhausted virtually all of our back up. I have come to the conclusion that in this time of economic uncertainty, being self employed is not fun. Not only can we not claim EI to at least get a little income, but we have all the business bills on top of regular personal bills. So what do we do? Drop the business & get a desk job? Ben is trained in construction, not office work…& the whole construction industry is taking a hit. We have no choice but to trust…but that doesn’t make it any easier! It takes an extra measure of faith, that right now I don’t feel like I have.

What’s your plan now Lord? Please help me to trust you. Help me not to forget like the Israelites did, what you’ve done for us in the past & how you’ve provided for us in the past. I am reminded of the night last year that Ben left work in Your hands…praying that we would wake up in the morning & have work. It was so fun to get that phone call at 8:00 the next morning with work to start that day! I know you CAN do that Lord…but the human in me doubts & worries “what if You don’t this time”…yet I know that even if You choose not to work in that way this time, You will still take care of us. Please Jesus, take away my unbelief & replace it with Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Guide us in knowing what steps to take. Unite us as a couple and as a family. I pray that you would bring us closer together through this. Most of all help us to honor you & give all the glory to You as You provide for us each & every day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…wonderful friends & family who made the trip here to celebrate Ben’s birthday on Saturday! I’m also thankful for the wonderful family that just couldn’t make it because they are 1000s of miles awayJ…and for my family who loaned us their house to use for the party…and for my sisters who couldn’t make it. All in all…I’m thankful for both of our families & all our friendsJ I’m also so thankful for everyone who prayed for me on Wednesday…God lifted my anxiousness & replaced it with excitement. I think I was able to tell the Easter story clearly…and everyone had fun!
I'm listening to
…kids…I should turn some music on…there, now I’m listening to Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman.
What's for supper tonight…I think I should do this blog every day just for this one! It forces me to think ahead what I’m going to make & then I actually make supper on time
J I’m going to make taco salad…quick, easy, & everyone loves it!

Highlights from last week…The kids had a blast at the Science Center. Manda was so proud to go to her very own class about the senses. Benjamin went to a class about magnets. We all watched the movie “Fly me to the Moon”…best one we’ve seen there yet! Wednesday was the Kid Connection party…it went great! It was a bit chaotic & there are a few things I would change…but that’s how we learnJ Ben & I went on a date Thursday night for his birthday. We enjoyed our nearly free dinner & movieJ Friday the kids & I went to a friends house to play. The kids had a blast, it’s been too long since they got together! Saturday was the surprise party that apparently wasn’t much of a surpriseL…oh well…I still surprised him by inviting some friends of his from high school that he hasn’t seen in ages (thanks for coming Darren, Mark, & Ken!!!) Last night we went to an Easter play the pastors put on. It was a bit tedious for Manda & Kirby, but Benjamin enjoyed it & it was fun to get out.
What I'm looking forward to…hmmmm…last week I sooooo badly wanted to write about Ben’s surprise party here…but he reads my blog so I couldn’t…now I’m not sure
J I’m looking forward to Easter…doing fun things with the kids & helping it come alive to them. Also looking forward to supper with the Kid Connection leaders…and no kids!

What's happening this week…Not too much, it’ll be a treatJ…I get to have an adult only supper with the Kid Connection leaders…& a meeting with Pastor Kent to talk about Kid Connection for next year…might be taking some pictures on Saturday…not sure…& doing something special with Benjamin for his special day!
I am missing…having Ben cribbing. We are soooo grateful for the work he’s had this winter, but it’s just not the same…and it’s running out…and we have big bills coming up…Lord help me to trust!