Monday, March 30, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…the quiet day at home that we had yesterday. We had a couple of Sundays in a row that were busy & we just don’t do well when Sundays are busy…so it was nice to have a quiet one again.
I'm listening to…Benjamin & Kirby playing hockey in the hallway…Manda chatting with me.
What's for supper tonight…Leftover curry made with moose roast given to us by Ben’s parents.
What I'm looking forward to…the last Kid Connection for this year on Wednesday…we’re doing the Easter story & having a “Jesus is Alive” party with the parents…it’s going to be exciting! I’m going to miss the kids through the summer…but it’ll be really nice to have a bit more time to get other things done.
What's happening this week…Tomorrow the kids & I are going to the Telus World of Science in Calgary for their homeschool day…the kids love it there & it’s super cheap for homeschool day…it’ll be fun
J Today & Wednesday will are busy with prep for the Kid Connection party…Thursday is the birthday date…Friday we’re hoping to get together with friends for a playdate…Saturday…I’ll have to talk to Ben…that’s his birthdayJ

I am missing…my oven. Our oven really heats up the house, so this is usually the time of year I bake cookies & muffins & put them in the freezer…but our oven hasn’t been working for a month or two now…can’t remember
J…so I haven’t been able to. I hope we can get it fixed soon so I can get some stuff in the freezer before it gets too warm.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Saturday with Heidi

I'm thankful for…the basement that Ben poured yesterday & is stripping today…it’s the first one he’s done since the beginning of January & I loved the look on his face when he came home the last few nightsJ

I'm listening to…the kids watching a movie

What's for supper tonight…It is a very rare day that I plan supper this early in the day…maybe this will help me plan ahead more. I do have chicken in the fridge…I think I’ll make fajitas…chicken, peppers, onions stir fried with teriyaki sauce & served with sour cream…a favorite of ours

What I'm looking forward to…taking Ben out for supper & a movie on Thursday to celebrate his 30th birthday! I’m especially it’s excited that it’s nearly a free date because we have free movie coupons & Ben gets a free meal for his birthday!

What's happening this week…We went to Calgary on Tuesday for Ben’s eye appointment & had an adventure…Manda got carsick a half hour from home…no extra clothes & we had to spend the whole day in Calgary. It was really cute to see her running around Walmart wearing Ben’s hoodie that came down to her knees while we looked for some clothes for herJ

I am missing…spring. It really felt like spring about a week ago & the kids & I were sooooo enjoying it. Now it’s not hugely cold, but it keeps on snowing & there’s still more snow in the forecast.


Well, I’ve been terrible at blogging lately! There were a number of times when I really wanted to write & then didn’t get the chance…then I started avoiding it because there was too much to write about…and now here we are at the point where I know I can’t sit here & catch up the last 2 months…so I’ll just have to start again & live with it…drives me crazy not to be organized & have everything there for youJ.

Anyways…I’m going to start something new that will hopefully help me keep up a little better. I got this idea from a friend of mine who was kind enough to allow me to steal itJ...I’ve really enjoyed reading hers & find that the headings allow for sharing a lot of different thoughts & happenings. Thanks Kristy! From now on I’ll do my best to write in that format every Monday…that way you have a bit of an update of what’s been happening. I may end up changing the day if Mondays aren’t working, but I will do my best to write every week. If we do something special or there’s something else I want to write about then I’ll add those in as time allows, but hopefully this way you at least have an updateJ. Without further ado, I’m going to write one today to catch you up a bitJ