Thursday, November 27, 2008


After all that I nearly forgot to tell you my funnies of the dayJ These are the reasons I started this blog…stuff like this that has hit me for years, but I never wrote it down so I’ll never remember it all…

Yesterday for lunch in Red Deer we decided to go to Boston Pizza. We had gotten some coupons for free pizzas & drinks so we had a free meal there anyways. The kids are used to choosing something off the kids menu when we’re there, so when we told them this time they had to have pizza they weren’t too sure, but were OK with it. Then Kirby started to get upset, “But I want veggies Mommy!” He was upset because he wanted to be able to pick the steamed veggies to go with his meal. I told him we could order a side of veggies…then proceeded to forget when we placed our order. He got his pizza, looked at it, looked again…”but Mommy where’s my veggies??” Oh dear…I ordered them & told him to eat his pizza while he waited. He didn’t want to eat any of his pizza till after he had his veggies! We eventually talked him into eating a little, but he wasn’t happy till his veggies came!

Then today we had to go out again for supper…the joys of having to be in the city over meal time…so we thought we’d take the kids to BP’s again since yesterday was free (except the veggiesJ). They were thrilled to learn that they’d get to pick their meals this time. Kirby quickly added, “And I want veggies!” Then as we were walking in he said, “I don’t want anything else, just veggies!” It’s so cute to hear him sayJ Rather ironic too…Benjamin being the first was raised on veggies & he’s eaten them from the start…Manda was pretty much the same. By the time Kirby came along though, Benjamin was old enough that I had started giving him a very few select sweets…well, then the other 2 want to know why they can’t have one. Kirby had veggies from the start too, but it was more of a fight with him because he knew what “sweets” are early on. It’s fun to see it come full circle & have him begging for veggiesJ It’s not just at BP’s either…Kirby doesn’t do well when he gets hungry…he’s usually the one telling me he wants lunch & I’ll tell him I just have to finish such & such. He goes straight to the fridge & pulls out the cucumber, carrots, & peppers & puts them on the counter. “I got the veggies out for you Mommy (hint, hint!).”

Yesterday we got Amanda’s hair cut for the first time at a hairdresser. I’ve just been trimming it myself, but because I don’t know what I’m doing I always end up cutting off more than I want so her hair never gets past a certain length. I found out that at Beaners it only cost $13 to get it cut, so decided to go for it. She had so much fun! She was so proud to sit in the little pink car & was proud as punch when the hairdresser put sparkles in her hair & called her a princess. It was fun to watch her face. We’ve always called her a princess & I’ve stressed to her many times that she doesn’t have to be dressed up all pretty to be a princess…that God made her his princess & ours. The look on her face to hear that from someone else though was pricelessJ

The kids (especially Benjamin) have started wanting to be able to buy Christmas gifts for each other this year. I debated how to go about it…I really wanted to encourage them to think about giving, not just receiving so we decided to give them each $5 to spend on each of their siblings. The kids have been on the lookout for what they wanted to get. Benjamin had decided early on that he wanted to get Manda something that cost $15…I talked to him about it numerous times…”Are you sure you want to spend $10 out of your savings?” Yes, he was sure. At Beaners yesterday they had what he wanted so Ben took the younger 2 so he could pay for it. Made me proud to see him willing to give up extra money to get something he knew his little sister would really like! The rest of the day he kept wanting to tell me what he wanted to get Daddy for Christmas, but he couldn’t because Daddy was there. So when we got to the church last night he finally told me…soooo excited that he’d thought of something he knew Daddy would like…and yes it’ll cost $20 or so…haven’t decided where to go with that one yet, but super proud of him for thinking of others!

Excitement...and frustration...

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks! I’ve been really excitedabout next week. This week is our last full week of school before we break for Christmas. Next week we’ll do a few odds & ends, but it’ll be slowing down & starting to do fun stuff…baking, crafts, etc.

Then 2 days ago Ben’s truck died…well, not totally, but he couldn’t pull a trailer with it or he would have blown the transmission. When you do concrete for a living & can’t pull a trailer it may as well have died. Anyways, he got an appointment for it in Red Deer yesterday morning at 8am, hoping they’d be able to rebuild the transfer case ($1000-$2000) & save us having to buy a new one ($2500). So we all headed out bright & early so he could drop off the truck. We thought we should make the best of the trip so we stayed the day to finish up some Christmas shopping & get some groceries. We pulled up to the house last night a couple minutes before 6…Ben jumped out & the kids & I went straight to the church for Kid Connection…we didn’t get home till 9…7am-9pm…it was a long day! I was excited though because this was the last Kid Connection till January 14. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, but it’ll be nice to have a breakJ

To add to the stress, Ben & I have been fighting colds off & on for about a week & a half now. We’ll feel fine for a while & then all of a sudden feel miserable. Well, by the end of the day yesterday I felt miserable. I was overtired & singing at Kid Connection killed my throat. I woke up this morning feeling not much better, but got a bit better as the morning wore on.

My sister has started coming once a week to help me clean house…well, not so much to help me clean, but to help me teach the kids to clean. Those of you who have 3 or more kids, know that it’s very hard to instruct & keep 3 kids busy all at once! I think it’s really important for the kids to learn to help around the house, but if I can only teach one at a time then the other 2 are already off making a mess. We’ve got a really good system down & I’m loving it! The kids are figuring out their jobs…they’re having fun…and my house is getting clean! All that was to say that I cleaned house with my sister & the kids this morningJ

After feeding the kids a late lunch we headed out to pick up Ben from the job & go pick up his truck. Here’s where it got extra stressful. We’d already found out that no they couldn’t rebuild the transfer case…it would be nearly $2800…I was dealing with that. Then we found out that there had been a mistake in a bill that we wrote to a customer & now we might not get the money till end of next week. Problem…payday is Monday…that money was supposed to cover payroll. Definitely forcing me to say, “OK Lord, I don’t know how we’ll do this, but I know I just have to trust you”. Feeling better now…still don’t know how it’ll work out but God doesJ

Well, I feel like I just wrote a very hodge podge complaint book to you…I really didn’t mean it that way at all…I debated not posting it, but the whole reason I wrote is to give you a little window into our lives. So I will post this…and trust that you won’t think I’m a pessimistic whinerJ I am learning (slowly it seems) to give all my worries to God. My worrying isn’t going to change it any (except make it more stressful), so I may as well lower my blood pressure & leave it in his hands! Someday maybe I’ll learn to do that before I even start worrying about itJ

Friday, November 21, 2008

A busy week...

It’s been a really busy week around here! On Monday I headed off for my payday shopping trip…with no kids! It has been such a treat having Lane & Sheri living so close & so willing to keep the kids for me on short notice! I will definitely miss them (not just for the babysitting either! J). Speaking of that…we have less than a month left with them here…L…trying to use every opportunity we canJ.

Tuesday night Ben went to a Flames game with a bunch of guys from our church…and yes for those of you who were wondering…he was cheering for ColoradoJ Wednesday brought Kid Connection…the second last one till the new year! That’s hard to believe…but it will be a welcome break.

I just realized that I completely forgot to blog this…2 weeks ago, Ben brought home a deer for us! I’m very excited to have good meat in the freezer again! Anyways…it’s been hanging in the garage for nearly 2 weeks, so we decided we just had to do it…even if it was late. L So Wednesday night when Ben got home he started butchering…I got home from Kid Connection & got kids to bed…and a bit of clean up around the house. Then it was time for my part of the job…this is the 7th time we’ve done this together I believe…so we have a system worked outJ Ben cuts all the meat off the bone & puts it in a bowl…then I sit & pick off any hair that’s left & cut it into smaller pieces…Ben takes the pieces & works his muscles to grind themJ Then it’s bagging it all & cleaning up! We ended up with about 30 lbs of meat…which will be gone much sooner than I’d like…but we’ll enjoy every bit! Finally done, we got to bed around 2:30 am…very tired!

Yesterday was a busy day too…my sister Trina came over to help me clean house & teach the kids to clean house. I’ve been wanting to get the kids doing more, but before they can do it you have to train them…but to train 3 at once is tricky to say the least. It worked really well with Trina! First everyone picked up all the toys…then I took 2 kids to start on bathrooms (they rotate doing tub, sink, & toilet)…Trina took the 3rd kid to their bedroom (Benjamin did our room) to vacuum & mop the floor…then they switched. Then Trina & I vacuumed & mopped the rest of the house & I dusted a little. It was all done in 3 hours! I was very pleased with how cheerfully the kids worked…and how clean my house was!

Yesterday evening I had a Norwex party here. I’ve always hated home parties…but when a friend of mine told me about Norwex I thought I’d go to a party & find out what it was about. (My aunt had told me about it a while back so I had a wee bit of info, but without hearing the whole presentation was pretty skeptical.) I was completely sold! I’m super excitedJ…but if you want to know more you’ll have to talk to me! Anyway, my party went really well…I was able to get a lot more free stuff than I expected, which is always a bonus! It was fun just to have people in my house! I’ve always loved hosting & having people in my home, but since we moved into this house I’ve found it really hard to do because it’s so small.

Tonight we’re having the Elliott kids over for a sleepover! My kids are sooooo excited! They’ve never had a sleepover before, so this is extra special. Tomorrow Benjamin has a hockey game in Torrington…kind of strange…last year they only planned one game at the end of the year…and now we have to travel (he’s on the same team)…ah well…I’m sure he’ll have a blast! So that’s our busy week! Sunday will be a wonderful quiet day at homeJ…& looking forward to next week not being as busy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benjamin's birthday

I can hardly believe we now have a 7 year old! I know everyone says it, but they grow up so quickly!! We had Benjamin’s birthday party on Sunday. He really wanted a Cars (the movie) party. I decided I needed to keep it simple in order to keep myself saneJ Benjamin had gotten an idea at a birthday party this summer (Alexis’ party) to make games for his party….so he had asked me to print a bunch of pictures of the cars in the movie (& he drew a few) & he hid them all over the church basement. When kids first got there he told them about it & everyone ran around looking for carsJ The main project I planned was some wooden model cars…the kids spent quite a while using watercolor paints to paint their car (used watercolor so they’d be dry in time to race at the end). While Ben attached all the wheels, the kids played “Pin the Lightning McQueen on the Track”…drawn & decorated by Benjamin. Then the kids watched the Cars movie while we got the pizza ready. Then it was cake & presents before the big race. The plan was to race the model cars that they painted, but we were having issues with the wheels staying on, so instead I took the matchbox cars out of their party bags & they raced those instead. It was a lot of fun…and most importantly Benjamin enjoyed itJ

Monday, November 10, 2008

Amazing Weekend

I had such an amazing weekend away!!! The retreat was advertised as a time to do whatever you wanted…nothing planned. I was super excited about that…so I didn’t feel like I had to scrapbook, or do anything specific, I could just go by what I felt like. I thought about inviting a friend to go with me, but didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I deserted them to be by myselfJ

When I arrived on Friday night I was a bit discouraged because it seemed like everyone was scrapbooking or doing crafty things of some sort…I thought maybe I’d misunderstood the purpose of the weekend. It turns out it really didn’t matter what they were all doing. I spent a little time on Friday night going through some pictures I need to scrapbook & then headed to my room. I enjoyed a quiet shower & some reading time before bed.

On Saturday morning as soon as breakfast was done I went to my room…and didn’t come out till lunch timeJ I thoroughly enjoyed reading, writing some letters, & just having time to think some things through. After lunch I spent a bit more time looking through scrapbook stuff & then went back to my room. I went for a bit of a walk before supper & took some pictures…it was so nice outside! After supper I sat around & visited a bit while I worked on the kids’ journals.

Sunday morning was about the same…breakfast & then hide away in my room…then I decided to pack up my stuff & clean out the room before everyone was filling the hallways so I did that…and in the process realized it was REALLY nice outside…so I headed outside to work on catching up the kids journals some more…could have sat out there for a long time! Pretty much right after lunch it was time to head home.

I felt like a different woman than the one who arrived on Friday! Yes, it was nice to be around other women…but most of all I needed time alone! God knew that & was taking care of meJ Thanks Lord for the amazing time of refreshment & relaxation!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ladies Retreat

For those of you who didn’t already know...I’m at a ladies retreat this’s completely casual...nothing what you want kind of thing. So right now I’m working through some things I’ve been thinking about & thought you’d like a sneak peekJ

I’m sitting here at Camp Caroline on my weekend away, thoroughly enjoying spending time doing a few projects, spending some quiet time with the Lord, & just having time to think. I feel like a hermit...running to my room as soon as breakfast was it’s nearly lunch time & I haven’t leftJ God knew I needed this time! Coming into this weekend the only hesitancy I had was having to miss church tomorrow. I know God will speak to me here...that’s a big part of the reason I came was to be alone with Him...but I always regret having to miss Pastor Kent’s sermons.

A while back Pastor Kent made a comment at the end of a sermon that we needed to make sure that we didn’t get all excited about the sermon on Sunday & then leave it at church. We need to take what the Lord taught us & apply it at home in the weeks ahead. That really hit home for me. Being at home with the kids...bookwork...Kid life is busy & it happens all too often that God will speak to me in a sermon & by midweek I’ve forgotten about it. Since then, I’ve been working at finding ways to apply it right away...or at least thinking about it...about what God would have me do about it. Many times it just means writing it down. Writing forces me to articulate what I’m thinking & solidifies it in my mind...making me more likely to remember & think about it. I definitely haven’t been successful every week, but I’m a work in progressJ

For that reason...I’m really not missing a sermon tomorrow...I just get to process last weeks sermon again & make sure it’s solid in my mind. Pastor Kent started off with a story last week...a story about 2 farmers who prayed for rain for their crops. The difference between the 2 farmers is that although both of them prayed for rain...only one actually planted his crop. That really hit home for often do I pray for something, but don’t take the step forward in faith trusting that God will answer? Definitely need to work on that...

With that thought firmly planted, I was surprised (I shouldn’t be) when God spoke to me about something completely different through the rest of Pastor Kent`s sermon. For years...pretty much ever since we’ve had kids...I’ve struggled with being able to spend quiet time with the Lord. I tend to get thinking about everyone else around me & forget about me. God spoke to me through his sermon last week & reminded me that I need to focus on getting ME ready for the rain. Ben & I are obviously still raising 3 kids & it’s our responsibility to teach them...and I have a relationship with Ben to always continue to work on. It’s not that any of that stops, but my job is to prepare myself.

This weekend I’m trying to figure out a little of what that means & how to go about it. At the end of every year we start to hear talk of New Year`s Resolutions & what things people want to change. Last year one of our elders talked about not making a resolution, but rather making a choice to take a step forward in our walks with the Lord. He challenged us to commit to spend time in the Word every day this year...however much or little that might be. That was really an encouragement to me because I felt like I could at least read a little every that became my goal...not a resolution so to speak...but a quest to grow closer to the Lord. I think in the next year I want to expand on that & make sure I write down one thing each day that God has taught me or revealed to me. Even if it’s just one make me focus on it & think about it.

Anyways...there’s a peek into my thoughts this weekend. Thank you Lord for this time of refreshing...time with You...time to process what You’ve been teaching me...thank you Jesus!