Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Unexpected Joy

Yesterday was an interesting day. At first it seemed like it would be a good day, but by about 11:00 I was getting more & more frustrated because Benjamin wasn’t at all motivated to get his school done & it was looking like we’d be at it all day long…& I wanted to go outside & enjoy the sun! Anyways, when Ben called to say he was done pouring & that he might like to go to the Bass Pro Shop to see if they have a part for his gun, I brushed it off. I don’t mind going to hunting/camping/etc stores with him, but usually get tired of it long before he’s done. I did want to go to the Bass Pro Shop though…it’s a brand new store & supposed to be pretty amazing. I got thinking that with something like that for motivation maybe Benjamin would get his school done…and at least it would get us out of the house. I suggested to Ben that we all go & he agreed.

Well, Benjamin did get a move on his school which was nice. We headed out just before 4:00. I was still feeling down, but was glad to be out of the house & expecting my mood to change. We arrived at the Bass Pro Shop & I was excited to see what all the talk has been about. Even just on the outside of the building there was so much detail! Well, we walked in, & all I can say is WOW!!! My mood was completely flipped within 5 minutes of being in there. We spent 1 ½ hours walking around the store. It was phenomenal. The kids loved it. It was a science field trip/lesson that I’m sure will stick much longer than the writing lesson we were struggling with in the morning! It was so fun to just be together as a family (we’ve had a lot of that this winter, but this was somehow different), to marvel & dream together & to enjoy some of the amazing animals God has created! We didn’t spend a penny in there (at least not this timeJ)…but somehow that made it even better. I won’t even begin to try to describe the store…I could never do it justice. My favorite part though is how when you walk in the doors you can see all the different scenes & it feels like you’re looking at a portrait of the different parts of Alberta…yet when you start walking through the store, each of those parts on it’s own feels very different, like you’re there & a part of it.

To whoever designed the Bass Pro Shop & whoever made it become a reality…thank you…you made my day…and I will definitely be back to wander the aisles with the kids while Ben shopsJ. Lord thank you for the beautiful animals you created. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to see some of them up close & see the details & intricacies that make it so obvious that You made each & every one. You are awesome God!! Thank you for using something so simple as a new store to speak to me yesterday.

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