Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank you Lord for work

So, Ben & I have been talking about how last year, we had so much work that we started to just take it for granted that there would be work the next day, week, month. Right now it’s easy to be thankful for each job because we’re just hanging on financially, but what if in a month or 2 or 3 we have tons of work again…or maybe not tons, but steady work…will we be as thankful for that phone call? We want to make sure we acknowledge & give God the praise for work…now & when work speeds up. With that said, this is my first installment of “Thank you Lord for work”. Don’t get worried…I’m not going to post every time we get a job & bore you with that…but I want to make a point in the next months, year…to remember what this was like to not have work & give God the glory for the work we have.

Some of you know that last weekend we were waiting to hear back about a possible job. We were supposed to hear on Friday, then on Sunday…Monday we still hadn’t heard. Neither Ben or I had our hopes up for that job, but that was the only possible job we had so we kept praying. On Sunday someone at our church talked to Ben about helping him out with a basement. At the time we understood that he just wanted a hand for a few hours…a couple of days maybe. Although we wouldn’t complain about any work, ideally we wanted to do a basement. Anyways…Ben met with him on Wednesday to help set up to dig & founds out that actually we have the contract for the job! Ben got home to tell me that & within a few hours we had gotten a call about the other job too…we didn’t get it. I’m so thankful for this new job that “came out of the woodwork”. I’m also thankful that God allowed us to find out about that one first before we found out we didn’t get the other one. I was so down last week & really didn’t want to go there again. Thank you Jesus for showing us once again that You will take care of us!

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Anonymous said...

I love how God not only gave some work but also protected your feelings from further bruising by allowing the news about job Ben DID get to antecede the news about the job he didn't get. All that and Cheri too! What a great week!
Sue B. and Dell as well