Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

Well, it might not be Monday by the time I click the button to post this, but it’ll have to doJ

I'm thankful for…Cheri & Sheri!!! The full story will be in another blog, but long story short…Cheri (Ben’s sister) surprised the pants off me (not literally, although I felt about that silly at the timeJ), by showing up at my door on Tuesday…when I fully believed she was still in Norway! Plus I got to talk to Sheri (missionary friend in Mexico) on Wednesday on Skype for the first time since they’re in Mexico (3 months)…so although we still don’t have work, I feel very encouraged that God DOES care…about work…about being able to see my friends…and He will continue to care & take care of us. I’m also extremely thankful that my family is homeJ…they’ve been gone for over a week & when I’m used to seeing them every couple days, it feels like a really long time!

I'm listening to…hum of the computer, Ben playing video game.

What's for supper tonight…ground beef & bean chili…lots of beans…black, lima, kidney, garbonzo…great way to fill out a meal for cheap…but I might regret it tonightJ

Highlights from last week…Checked my parents house a couple times while they were gone…Wednesday night supper with the Kid Connection leaders…delicious supper…no kids…thanks ladies! Had a meeting about Kid Connection & what to do next year…now we research & pray…kids have played outside tons in the last week…it’s been wonderful! Saturday I took pictures for Brandy’s family…took Benjamin along for a “date”…we had fun taking pictures & then going out to DQ for supper. Manda & Kirby stayed home with Ben while he worked on the truck…they played outside for over 4 hours & had an absolute blastJ Yesterday we had a wonderful Easter dinner at Ben’s parents with the whole family there!!! It was so nice to be all together…first time since Thanksgiving when James & Cheri leftJ Manda found her first ladybugs of the season & is elated…she has about 10 of them already…afraid they might not last long though, because we don’t have any leaves with aphids to give themL Today the kids played & let Ben & I sleep in…then we spent most of the day cleaning out the truck & van…inside & out…a long overdue job…getting ready for all the work that we’re praying is coming!
What I'm looking forward to…the day when I can fully trust God & finally kick my humanness out the door & quit worrying! Oh for the day when I will be “perfect & complete, lacking nothing” (James 1:2-12)! Lord help me to “count it all joy” when we encounter trials.

What's happening this week…The beginning of the week is pretty slow…but Thursday, Friday, Saturday will be crazyJ…Thursday I’m going to sit in on a kid’s group at another church to try & get ideas & learn from how they make it work. Friday I’m babysitting some friends of ours for a few hours…Saturday is our nephew’s birthday party…and Saturday night is a couples night at the church!

I am missing…Lane & Sheri, Alexis, Jemma, & Noah…with the weather nicer & the kids playing outside I’m reminded of all the times last year that we popped in on each other & how the kids loved to play together so much…and I miss our talks…been thinking about that a lot in the last few weeks…was so nice to catch up a bit this week & “see” them on Skype…but I still miss them like crazy…


Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

So nice to be surprised by Cheri, I'm sure! Are they back from Norway for good, or just home visiting? MORE INFO PLEASE!!
Also, Eli found some ladybugs a few weeks ago and insisted he bring in the 'boy' ladybug... Don't ask me how he knew it was a boy! Anyway, we put 'him' in a little jar with a celery leaf in it and he lived more than 2 weeks! Thought I'd give you that tip, although it is possible that our bug was just a tough little thing ;)

Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

STILL waiting on the rest of the story!
Love ya... And I will continue to wait... somewhat patiently!