Monday, April 20, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…work! Ben is hauling & standing forms today…feels really good after so long! We have also started to have other jobs trickle in…now we just need to get enough lined up so we can bring Ben’s brothers back to work.

I'm listening to…Kirby playing outside, Manda digging out a puzzle, Benjamin asking questions about school.

What's for supper tonight…waffles…breakfast for supper…as per Benjamin’s request. J

Highlights from last week…Monday, Tuesday were mostly just hanging around home & playing outside. Wednesday the kids had some friends over while their mom went to a couple of appointments. Thursday the kids & I did a little shopping in Olds & then headed to the Zion Evangelical Missionary Church in Didsbury. We had the opportunity to sit in on AWANA! In trying to prepare for Kid Connection this fall & get new ideas, Pastor Kent thought it would be a great opportunity to see what we could learn from someone else & it was well worth it! I was able to get some great ideas that I definitely plan to use this fall…and the kids had a blast! Benjamin was immediately asking if we could go back again. Friday I took the kids to Red Deer to do our shopping trip…and to go to Scott’s Parables to look at VBS curriculum & curriculum for Kid Connection. It was a long day, but went fairly smoothly. Especially exciting was buying Kirby’s booster seat! We no longer own any carseats!!! He was sooooo excited!J Saturday was our nephew Joey’s 3rd birthday party…as always, I enjoyed capturing the event in picturesJ. That night my brother Andrew came to watch the kids while we went to couples night at the church. It was “Impress your Wife” nightJ. It was a lot of fun…lots of laughs…chance to visit with adults…the guys did all the cooking, serving & cleanup…especially thankful for my honey who made me feel really specialJ. Yesterday we had promised the kids we would ride bikes. We just bought Manda a new bike as she had outgrown her little one. Hers did not come with training wheels, but we decided not to buy any, but rather to take Benjamin’s off his bike & therefore force him to learn without. We’ve tried the last 2 summers to teach Benjamin without, but it just wasn’t working. We realized that when he always had the training wheels to fall back on there just wasn’t enough motivation. So yesterday Ben put the training wheels on Manda’s bike. Benjamin fell apart because he thought he wouldn’t have any fun, but rather spend the whole time trying to learn to ride. After a talk with Daddy about trying & Ben encouraging him that he COULD do it, he headed outside to try. Within15 minutes he had it down pat! He still struggles a little just when he slows down to stop, but he’s riding! So proud of himJ.

What I'm looking forward to…being debt free…someday…

What's happening this week…Today the kids start swimming lessons! It’s been a long time since we’ve been swimming because our pool pass expired in November & we haven’t been able to afford to renew it. They’re really excitedJ. Wednesday & Thursday Benjamin & Amanda start soccer. Benjamin is super excited because he remembers it from last year…but I think Manda is even more excited. Other than swimming lessons she’s never really done her own thing like this…I think it’ll be really good for her to be able to do her own thing separate from Benjamin & Kirby. Thursday I’ll also have a meeting with Pastor Kent to make a decision about Kid Connection for this fall. Friday we go to the zoo for homeschool dayJ. Saturday will be “date” time for Kirby & I…after I’m done taking pictures for a 90th birthday party! Whew…sounds like a busy week…I’m looking forward to it though…it’s fun stuff!

I am missing…not much right now…still miss Elliotts, but that’ll be the case for the next 3 or 4 years, so you probably don’t want to hear it every weekJ. Otherwise though, I feel pretty content. God is good!

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