Monday, March 30, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…the quiet day at home that we had yesterday. We had a couple of Sundays in a row that were busy & we just don’t do well when Sundays are busy…so it was nice to have a quiet one again.
I'm listening to…Benjamin & Kirby playing hockey in the hallway…Manda chatting with me.
What's for supper tonight…Leftover curry made with moose roast given to us by Ben’s parents.
What I'm looking forward to…the last Kid Connection for this year on Wednesday…we’re doing the Easter story & having a “Jesus is Alive” party with the parents…it’s going to be exciting! I’m going to miss the kids through the summer…but it’ll be really nice to have a bit more time to get other things done.
What's happening this week…Tomorrow the kids & I are going to the Telus World of Science in Calgary for their homeschool day…the kids love it there & it’s super cheap for homeschool day…it’ll be fun
J Today & Wednesday will are busy with prep for the Kid Connection party…Thursday is the birthday date…Friday we’re hoping to get together with friends for a playdate…Saturday…I’ll have to talk to Ben…that’s his birthdayJ

I am missing…my oven. Our oven really heats up the house, so this is usually the time of year I bake cookies & muffins & put them in the freezer…but our oven hasn’t been working for a month or two now…can’t remember
J…so I haven’t been able to. I hope we can get it fixed soon so I can get some stuff in the freezer before it gets too warm.

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