Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mondays...err...a Wednesday with Heidi

Monday came & went & I completely forgot to write…so here I amJ

I'm thankful for…the fact that Benjamin is super close to being done grade 2!!! He finishes his last math lesson this week…next week spelling is done…then it’s just a few odds & ends to wrap up. I’m also very thankful at how well Benjamin responded when we told him he’s going to school for grade 3 (more on that in a separate blog).

I'm listening to…quiet! Just the hum of the computer & my typing. The kids are having a blast outside enjoying spring!

What's for supper tonight…I don’t know…I had to plan supper 4 times last night…after all that frustration I’m not ready to think about it yet!

Highlights from last week…The kids are enjoying swimming lessons & soccer. Kirby really wishes he could be playing soccer too, but it helped last week that Ben came to practice & kicked a ball with Kirby while we watched. I got my haircut last week which was interesting. I’ve had some bad experiences with hair dressers so I decided to try someone new. My issue with hairdressers has always been when they try to push me to change my hair drastically when it’s just not “me”…either that or I ask for a trim & they take 4 inches. Anyways, this time I had it in my head I was going to let her change it, I wanted something new & fresh…it has been a year & a half since I had it cut so it was long overdue & in dire need of a cut. So I got there & told her generally what I was looking for, but that I was leaving it up to her. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve had a hairdresser take off less than I wanted! She very much kept it “me” which I appreciated. At first I was disappointed that it wasn’t new or different, but I quickly decided I couldn’t complain…it will be easy to get a bit more taken off next time! We had a great supper with Jonny for his birthday & a fun trip to the library. Friday was a busy day…I went to Red Deer with the kids to do my shopping, but didn’t leave till 2:00 so it was rushed & late. Saturday we went out west for the first time this year!!! It felt sooooo good to get out there. The best part though was that we got to take James, Cheri, & Max along. It’s been so good to have them home, but we really haven’t spent that much time with them. It was great to catch up a bit & just hang out together. On Sunday we enjoyed going for lunch with some people from church & then I had a very needed, long nap!

What's happening this week…Swimming lessons & soccer…and not a whole lot else…hopefully that means a chance to catch up on overdue projects! On either Friday or Saturday Andrew & some friends are coming to do yard work for Mayqueen. I’m very excited to get the yard cleaned up & bark mulch spread! Sunday is Mother’s Day…which I’ve had planned since SeptemberJ…I don’t usually do that…but one of the things I did with Benjamin for school this year is “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”…it’s a CD that using a partially fictional story to tell the story of Beethoven’s life…all with his music. Anyways, shortly after I decided to do that I found out that “Beethoven Lives Upstairs” is being done by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra on (you guessed it) Mother’s Day. So…we’re going to head to Calgary all together…Ben will hang out with the younger 2 while Benjamin & I go to the orchestra & then we’ll do something together for Mother’s Day (that part I haven’t plannedJ).

I am missing…having enough work lined up so that it’s not a constant worry. Not that I should be worrying anyways…more of a test of faith…and we are being tested.

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