Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meat for the freezer!!!

I’m so excited because Ben got a deer when he was hunting last night!!! This holds a number of firsts for us:

*Ben’s first buck with his bow (he’s only gotten two others & they were does)

*The first time the kids have seen it before it’s skinned…and been able to watch Ben gut it (sorry if it sounds disgusting…but it’s reality…and I’m always fascinated…I loved biologyJ)

*It’s also the first time Ben has ever gotten a deer this early in the season. The earliest before was end of September or beginning of October. Usually he’s just rushing at the end of the season to get something in the freezer before the end of the season. I’m very excited because this means there’s a very real possibility of getting 2 this year! The meat from one deer only lasts us a couple of months…it would really nice to have enough to last us through the spring.

Anyways…a few pictures…one with the kids…

…and my handsome hubby & his first buck with a bow…I’m proud of you BenJ! I love you!

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Cheri said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations Ben! I will never forget the biology lesson he gave me at the Ranch when I was in Grade 12. I was horrified and intrigued all at once. :)