Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BC trip part 3

Back to our BC trip…

On Sunday we spent the morning as a family…had a wonderful lunch with Gram & Gramps…and then headed to the beach. Other than the evening at the concert it was HOT the whole time we were there. It was so much fun to go to the beach…the kids had a blast! One thing that's nice about Ben being with us, is there are actually a few pictures with me in them! We spent the rest of the day with Gram & Gramps. It was so nice for 2 reasons…just to be able to hang out with them…let the kids get reacquainted…have time to visit…it was also really nice because this was one of the first times in a looong time that Ben has been able to stay in BC with us for over 2 full days. On Sunday evening my aunt & uncle came over to visit for a bit. It was good to see Dan & Carol again (it’s been a long time). Ben always enjoys talking hunting & vehicles with Dan…and I just like catching up with familyJ.

On Monday morning we took the kids to the water park. It was nice not to have to deal with sand & still be able to cool off. They had a blast & were all drenched by the time we were done. We had decided not to put swimsuits on them so we’d have less to carry…and we thought they wouldn’t get that wet…oops…oh well, it really didn’t matter. We walked along the boardwalk & they were pretty much dry by the time we got back.

After lunch the kids stayed with Gram & Gramps while I took Ben to the airportL…and then went shopping for a swimsuit! It was really nice to have a little time to myselfJ…thanks Gram & Gramps!!! After supper on Monday we walked down to the lake with Gram & Gramps…we watched them pull boats in & out of the water…cooled off in the water…and enjoyed the sunset!

I took this same picture in the same spot 2 years ago when we went to BC...it's fun to see how the kids have changed & I love the picture! It became the perfect picture for the front page of my website: familyreflectionsphotography.ca. Right now it's still the 2007 one that's on there...but eventually this one will be.

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