Friday, September 11, 2009

Bergen Rocks

Just a note that these summer posts are in no particular order. I made a list of things I wanted to blog about & I’m just picking one at a time.

For the first time last summer (I think) there was a thing going on just out of Sundre called “Bergen Rocks”. A sculptor from Bergen arranged to have 5 or 6 sculptors from around the world come to Bergen for one month & make a sculpture on his property. They have it open to the public a lot of the time so we can go & see the first solid rock & the progression to the final sculpture. Last year I didn’t make it at all & was quite disappointed. This year I wanted to go at the beginning & again at the end so the kids could see the progression, but we only made it once. Now I’m really motivated to go more next yearJ.

Here are a couple of examples. The sculptor who did this one is from India...can't believe the intricacy!


I was really excited about going this year because one of the sculptors was from Kenya. If you know me…anything from Africa catches my attention! I have so many memories…and part of my heart is still there. The kids & I went on the second last day…it was soooo worth it! The sculptors were all just finishing up to put them on display the next day, but we got to talk to the Kenyan…he explained his sculpture to us & let me take a picture of him with the kids!

Chipping a little more rock away to prepare to display it permanently...

Gerard Oroo Motondi with the kids...

Gerard Motondi's sculpture is titled "Desire to be". Although he explained it to me, I'd rather use his this is from the blog... "All people desire to be something which they are not, some in society will look up to leaders and desire to have what they have achieved while some who have achieved in leadership or business will look at those that lead simpler lives and covet their lifestyle.........we all desire something other than what we have or are."

I think it's so so true & really neat that he came up with a sculpture to show that! Check out the blog by the owner of the property...the one who started Bergen Rocks:

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gmotondi said...

Thank you for this wonderful post.I had not seen it before till today four years later.Greetings with love from Kenya.Since then i have made art in USA,South Korea,India,Russia,Turkey and may visit to see my latest sculptures or gerard motondi on facebook.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2013