Thursday, September 10, 2009

BC trip part 6

The next morning we had one last thing to cram in before we left…cherry picking. I did it so much as a kid & wanted the kids to have the experience of picking cherries. It took us a bit longer than we planned to get out the door because the kids let me sleep in that morning…but eventually we got out. Gram went with us…we found an orchard & set outJ. It was a bit of a trick finding enough cherries low enough for the kids, but we managed to find 2 trees side by side. They had short sturdy ladders that had a big platform on top so the kids could stand there fairly easily. The kids loved it! I forgot how much cherries stain & wasn’t careful enough about what they wore that morning, but oh well…it’s a wonderful memory! We had a quick lunch at Gram & Gramps’, packed up the van, & headed to Enderby. Thank you so much for having us Gram & Gramps!!! We had a wonderful time!Another of my Mom’s sisters lives in Enderby (Rachael’s parents), who we’ve always been really close to. When I was about 9 we stayed with their family for an extended time (a month…maybe…I can’t remember exactly) while my parents went to New York for their missions training. Ever since we’ve had a special bond with them. Anyways…we got to their house mid afternoon. Benjamin was sooooooo excited to see them. Last time we saw them Uncle Wilf acted out the 3 billy goats gruff with him & he’s talked about it ever since. Wilf is a librarian & is amazing with kids. When we got there he set up a “contraption” he had made to sling shot little rubber toys. We turned the sprinkler on in between so the kids could get wet. They had a blast shooting the toys across the yard. After a DELICIOUS supper of real chicken burgers (I need that recipe Auntie Pearl!!!) we got swimsuits on & headed to the river. The river there is really slow moving & quite shallow…we floated down in tubes & air mattresses. The kids thought it was a hoot…despite Manda’s flip with Pearl into the waterJ. The kids were thrilled to have Uncle Wilf read them 2 bedtime stories…and another story the next morning before we left! They also had a hoot acting out the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” before breakfast. Thanks Uncle Wilf & Auntie Pearl for having us!!!

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