Thursday, September 10, 2009

BC trip part 5

Wednesday was our last full day & we were cramming a lot in. First we made a surprise visit to Ben’s Grandma Werdal. We had wanted to see her while Ben was still with us & completely forgot…then I couldn’t track down her phone #, so I just decided to stop in & see if she was there. I left the kids in the van at first to see if I could find her. It was so fun to see the look on her face when she saw me…I could tell she recognized me, but she didn’t say my name right away, so I said, “It’s Heidi”. She said, “Well, I thought it was, but I thought…it can’t be!!!” So sweet. I got the kids & we had a short, but wonderful visit with her. I think the highlight for the kids was her cookiesJ. We left there & headed to the MCC store where Gram volunteers once a week. We got to go down in the basement where they do the sorting & pricing. Gram showed us all they do & what her job is. It was really neat for the kids (& meJ) to see where she works. After the kids each picked something to buy there, we headed back to Gram & Gramps’ for lunch. I got to make lunch for Gramps & the kids…the first meal I had cooked since we arrived (thanks Gram!)J. After lunch we headed to the Orchard Industry Museum…it was fun to see the history in how they used to package apples…and it had a REALLY COOL train set that had all different industries from the area with amazingly intricate detail! From there we went to the Sunrype warehouse. Nearly every time I’ve gone to BC Debbie has told me I should go there because everything is soooooooo much cheaper, but they’re only open limited hours & I’ve always missed it. The kids had a blast digging in the big bins for their favorite flavors of Fruit-to-Go. From there we headed over to my cousin Rachael’s house…so we could see where they live & have a little more time to visit. The kids had a wonderful time playing…and eating fruit. They even learned how to eat cherries & get the pits out themselvesJ…weird…I thought I’d always known that…but I guess they didn’t grow up there quite as much as I didJ. Amanda was thrilled to get to hold Safia this time...
This time it was Simeon who just woke up from a nap. It took a little bit, but in the end Kirby & Simeon had fun playing together...
After an early supper with Gram & Gramps we headed to the beach. We had decided to leave the beach till later that day so that it wasn’t as busy…not quite as hot…and so I could get the other stuff in. I was very ready to get wet by the time we got there & it felt wonderful. We swam & went on the zip line for nearly 3 hours…after 9:00! The kids had a blast! It was great to be able to go with Gram & Gramps one more time before we left. It was very nice to have Gram there to help...she helped the kids onto the zipline (it's built for bigger people & they could barely reach it to sit on it)...while I took pictures & made sure they were OK in the water.

I love this picture!!

And this one!!!

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Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

What a blessing for you that your grandparents are still so young and active! I've missed being able to really do things with both sets of my grandparents! So neat that your kids are getting to know great-grandparents like that.