Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two wheels vs. Four

So in the last week or so Manda has been saying that she wants to learn to ride a two wheel bike like Benji. She is old enough to learn, but I wanted to make sure she was going to stick with it. Well, she’s been talking about it every day & asking if Ben could please make her bike a two wheel bike (ie: take the training wheels off). It’s been pretty cute how much she has wanted it. So…we decided tonight for family night we’d let the kids do some riding in the cul-de-sac & see how it went. She did it! We need to keep working on corners & leaning her bike over, but she’s definitely well on her way! I’m so proud of herJ.

When Manda decided she wanted to, we thought we may as well try to get Kirby off his training wheels too. He loves every sport there is & is good at pretty much every one of them, so we thought he’d almost certainly pick it up right away. Well, apparently he wasn’t quite so sure. He did great…he started on his own & could ride in a straight line great…but despite all our encouragement he ended up bursting into tears saying, “I want four wheels!” I felt so bad. Contrary to what it might seem though…it’s not that he didn’t want to ride a two wheeler…but it bugged him that he couldn’t do it by himself right away. I think that’s something we’ll deal with all through life with him. He knows how to reach for the stars…but doesn’t like it if he can’t get there right awayJ. Ben put the training wheels back on so he could ride around on his own.

Tonight when I was tucking the boys in Kirby said that he changed his mind & that he did want to try some more to ride with two wheels. Benjamin overheard him & nearly jumped off the bed with excitement, “My prayer was answered!!!” I asked him what he meant. He said that when we had been riding outside he had stopped & prayed that Kirby wouldn’t give up & that he would keep trying. When Benjamin said that, Kirby added, “Like perseverance!”

I’m so proud of our kidsJ. Benjamin is learning that he can talk to Jesus whenever & wherever he wants…and that He listens! Manda is gaining so much confidence & is determined to learn to ride that bike! Kirby has not forgotten a homeschool lesson we did back in the fall about perseverance…and he’s applying it! Thank you Lord for these 3 precious gifts you’ve given us…and for allowing me to peek into their hearts so that I don’t take these things for granted…and to encourage me to persevere even on the tough days!!!


Cheri said...

Oh Heidi! That is just soo cute! You have every right to be proud of your kidlets! They are such great kids.

Brandy said...

Thats so amazing I love watching all the kids grow! Tell all 3 of them that uncle and aunty are proud of them too!