Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Tuesday with Heidi

I'm thankful for…WORK!!! This is the first time all year that Ben has had 2 jobs in a row…thank you Lord!!!

I'm listening to…kids…we just came inside from riding bikes…the boys are playing hockey in the hallway & Manda’s just fiddlingJ

What's for supper tonight…Curried Chicken Salad

Highlights from last week…Swimming & soccer…cleaned house…met with Pastor Kent about VBS…2 doctor’s appointments to try & figure out Benjamin’s rash. The 2 highlights were Tuesday & Saturday. Tuesday Benjamin spent a day at school! Most kids get used to how school works in Kindergarten or grade 1…and they’re all learning together. In order to help Benjamin adjust more easily & know what’s coming, we decided to have him go for a day this year. He LOVED it! When I picked him up & asked him if he had fun he said, “Yes, I just wish I could go again tomorrow!” I’m so glad he had fun so that he can look forward to September. On Saturday Benjamin & Amanda had their soccer tournament. Benjamin had a blast & loved every moment (except being hot). Manda ended up having fun too I think…although it was a bit more of a struggle. A week & a half ago she got hit with the ball in the face & passed out (she’s been doing this since she was 9 months old, but has slowly outgrown it). She has no control when she passes out & wet her pants. That really bothered her…I think it’s the first time I’ve seen her embarrassed & it was hard to see her upset like that. We headed home right away. Last week she just didn’t want to play. She’s been struggling a bit all year & I think maybe that incident tipped the scales. I wasn’t sure whether she would play on Saturday or not, but knowing that she had 2 sets of grandparents cheering for her changed her mind. The first game was pretty iffy, but the second 2 she did amazingly well. I do think she enjoyed herself, but she says she doesn’t like soccer (she wants to be on Benji’s team). Only 2 more practices to go…and then we’ll re-evaluate next year… On Sunday we enjoyed hanging out at the church for our church picnic. The kids loved the games. When the HUGE thunderstorm got close & we had to go inside…Manda freaked & wouldn’t leave my side…Kirby was distraught & wanted to play more games…and Benjamin stuck it out till the last minute with the older kidsJ.

What's happening this week… This week I’m working at finishing editing the grad pictures I took a week & a half ago. The kids have soccer & swimming. On Friday we’re joining a friend of mine with her dayhome kids to go do some gymnastics in Calgary. We’ll rush home from there to set up at the Farmer’s Market. I’m putting up a table so that parents can register their kids for VBS. Sometime this week I need to do Benjamin’s special night with him…and Manda’s this weekend. Sunday morning Benjamin, Amanda, & I will help serve at our church’s annual pancake breakfast at the rodeo grounds. I started doing this with Benjamin 3 years ago now I think. Last year was the first year Manda came & Kirby will come next year. We have a lot of fun & it’s a great way for the kids to learn to serve!

I am missing…Can’t think of anything right now…

I am praying for…VBS…wisdom in planning…leaders…that God would use us to touch kids & families lives…

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