Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Wednesday with Heidi

Well, I realized at the end of the day yesterday that I hadn’t done a blog entry on Monday…oh well, I guess my days are just sporadicJ

I'm thankful for…phone calls. We have been getting calls to quote jobs nearly every day lately. At some point, one of them has to start, right!?

I'm listening to…silence. Ben just left with Kirby to do his special night. Manda’s playing in the living room & Benjamin is reading…

What's for supper tonight…don’t know what we’re going to do…going to Red Deer, so we’ll find something cheap.

Highlights from last week…It was actually a pretty slow week. I spent a lot of time doing catch up stuff like bookwork…Benjamin & Manda had soccer…all 3 had swimming lessons…

On Friday we went to Calgary to watch my brother Andrew run the 800m in provincials. He placed 8th in Alberta!!! We’re so proud of himJ…and other than the fact that we FROZE!...we had a blastJ.

Saturday I took pictures for grad ceremonies & banquet for Olds Koinonia Christian School. Although inside pictures really aren’t my favorite…it was fun to get out & take pictures again.

What's happening this week… This week has been exciting already…but you don’t get to find out about it till next weekJ…swimming lessons & soccer…only 2 more weeks after this week. Yesterday Benjamin went to school for a day so that he knows what to expect come September. Today I enjoyed a couple of long walks (one way with Manda) to drop off & pick up the van from the mechanic. Tomorrow we’re cleaning house & I’m meeting with Pastor Kent to talk about VBS. Friday is wide open & I plan to keep it that way…I need to do a bunch of VBS stuff! Saturday Benjamin & Manda have their year end soccer tournament which they’re both super excited about. Once that’s done we’ll head to a birthday party. Sunday is our Sunday School picnic after church which should be fun! At some point I need to be working on editing the grad pictures too! I think that’s it for this weekJ.

I am missing…the pull out tray for my keyboard. It broke the other day so my keyboard has to be up on top of the desk, which isn’t very good for typingL

I am praying for…a friend of mine who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.


Arlen_Kristy said...

Oh Heidi, is the friend with breast cancer our age? It's horrible at any age but I couldn't image it while trying to rasie kids.

Heidi said...

She's a bit older than us, but not much...and her kids are still very young. I can't imagine...