Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Power surges & vacuum cleaners

Wow, it’s been a long week already & it’s only just started! We’ve had a lot of thunderstorms in the last few days. The kids know the drill well…as soon as we hear thunder we shut down the computer & unplug it. It’s on a surge protector power bar, but I’ve never trusted those fully. Anyway, yesterday afternoon we heard another rumble…Benjamin shut the computer down & I unplugged it. Later on after the kids were in bed & the storm had passed I came to check email…but the computer wouldn’t turn on…click the button, nothing. We tried all sorts of stuff to no avail. I was sick…but grateful. I store all my documents & pictures on my external hard drive so I still had those which took a lot of pressure off…but today is payday & our bookwork is on this computer. I finally got ahold of the computer shop in town & found out it could actually be an easy fix. I am sooooo relieved!!! It cost $88, but that’s a whole lot less than a new computer & having to worry about retrieving files!!!

I didn’t have much time to enjoy that though…got home & started plugging the computer back in…noticed a lot of dust bunnies back there & thought I’d vacuum it while it was all pulled out. Manda got the vacuum for me & plugged it in…nothing. Apparently after nearly 3 years, the cord is toast. I should be able to get it fixed on Friday as I’ll be in Calgary anyway, but it’s another $150!!!

I am choosing to be thankful though…a month ago we didn’t have money to get any of it fixed. Thankfully, Ben is finishing up a job right now & is starting another one tomorrow or Thursday…it’ll still be tight, but at least we can get them fixed.

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