Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Tuesday with Heidi

I'm thankful for…WORK!!! It looks like we’re going to have 4 jobs in a row!!!

I'm listening to…Ben playing Xbox & chatting with his brothers.

What's for supper tonight…Mish mash of odds & ends.

Highlights from last week…Swimming lessons…Manda’s last soccer practice (Benjamin’s was cancelled due to thunderstorm)…had some friends over Tuesday morning while their mom went to an appointment…kids had fun playing. I think the most exciting for me was getting all the grad pictures done & dropping them off…feels really good to have that off my to do list!

On Friday, after a morning that saw plans changing every hour it seemed, we headed to Calgary to go to a gymnastics class with my friend Kim. The kids had a lot of fun…they just wanted to stay longerJ. From there we raced home to set up a VBS table at the Farmer’s Market. On my way home…at about 5:00…I got a call about the possibility of dressing as a pirate in the parade for VBS. I didn’t want to do it cause it’s not my thing…but I knew it was an excellent way to advertise VBS…and I knew I was the logical one to do it. After I got home from the Farmer’s Market we did a bit of a makeshift family night with the kids & I started scrambling to try & put together a costume for the parade at 10:00 the next morning. Thanks to some key items from a couple of people I managed to pull it off. My sister Trina agreed to join me for which I was soooo grateful. It was much better than being all by myself…& it allowed us to cover both sides of the road. As unsure as both of us were going in, we had a lot of fun. Every now & then I even loosened up & said, “Ahoy me hearties!”J The kids always smiled when I did…not sure if it was cause I sounded funny…but either way they enjoyed it.

Trina came back to our house on Saturday a few hours after the parade to babysit the kids for us. Ben was given gift cards for dinner & a movie (thanks Darren & Tara!!) for his birthday & we needed a date! We try to get out on our own at least once a month, but it’s been a good 2 months. Unfortunately this time we had to do a little shopping first so I didn’t have to go back to the city to get groceries…but once that was done we thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing supper…a great movie…and a good talk on the way home.

Sunday morning I was up bright & early to head to our annual pancake breakfast at the rodeo grounds. Our church has put this on for 6 years now. Serving people is one of my favorite things to do so I’ve always gone to help out. I think it’s been 4 years now since I started bringing Benjamin along with me to help as well…this is the first year where he served on his own & I did a separate job without having to help him the whole time. This is the second year that Manda came along. She doesn’t last as long as Benjamin, but enjoys herself none-the-less. Next year Kirby will come tooJ.

After our late date night & early Sunday morning neither Ben or I were feeling up to doing much Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful nap…and I woke up to realize he was gone…the kids told me he was mowing the lawn! I got after him for doing that on Father’s Day, but he didn’t mind. I made him steak (well, actually he BBQ’d it so it would be cooked rightJ) & baked potatoes for supper & the kids all had a gift for him (he got mine on Saturday when we had our date). All in all it was a relaxing, enjoyable afternoon…which is what he enjoys, so I guess we still did OK making it special for himJ.

What's happening this week… Last swimming lesson for the kids…Benjamin’s last soccer practice with a game against the parents…VBS…VBS…and more VBS prep…hopefully special nights for all 3 kids…I’m behind…1st birthday party for our nephew Max…dress up as a pirate at the Farmer’s Market on Friday…maybe even another pirate surprise appearanceJ…really need to get the pool cleaned out & some yard work done…

I am missing…Can’t think of anything right now…

I am praying for…people to step forward to help with VBS. It’s only 2 ½ weeks away & I’m feeling the crunch…trying not to stress.

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