Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Wednesday with Heidi

I'm thankful for…WORK!!! We’re waiting to hear about one or two more jobs, but if they go it looks like we’ll be able to bring Ben’s brothers back to work!

I'm listening to…Ben talking on the phone…otherwise, it’s quiet…kids are sleeping.

What's for supper tonight…English muffin pizzas…kids love making their own & it was a fun supper to have for Canada Day.

Highlights from last week…Last swimming lessons…VBS, VBS, VBS…I feel like that’s all I did all week! On Monday we enjoyed hanging out with Ben’s family for our nephew Max’s first birthday! Cheri bakes AMAZING cakes…even when they’re supposedly “simple”J, so that makes it worthwhile to go no matter what! J It’s been a few months since we were all together so it was good to connect again. I did manage to get Benjamin’s special night done, which I blogged about separately…but not the other 2. Benjamin enjoyed his last soccer practice with a game against the parents. He loves any chance he gets to play against BenJ. On Friday I donned the pirate costume again & headed to the Farmer’s Market. Had numerous kids registered…Cheri came & visited me & sat with me for a bit…and even got to have a chat with Mr. Myron Thompson (was our MP for many years…Christian guy…he was thrilled with VBSJ). I was thinking after he left about how much it meant to me when I was in grade 8 (or 9, can’t quite remember) and he came & talked to our youth group. At the time I really had no clue about how government worked (we had just gotten back from Africa), but the fact that someone so important would talk to young people like us was pretty cool! On Sunday I wore the pirate outfit to church…did my announcement & talked to people afterward…it was fun to make it fun anywaysJ. I already wrote about riding bikes on Saturday…well, on Sunday Ben went to help Jonny (our employee & friend) at his dad’s farm, so after quiet times, I took the kids outside to ride bikes some more. Kirby wanted me to make his bike have 2 wheels again, but I knew I could only help one of them at a time & he didn’t want to have to wait, so he agreed to keep 4 for nowJ. I only worked with Manda for 5-10 minutes before she had it down pat. She loves to go fast…in the process making me cringe! I took Kirby’s training wheels off then & worked with him for a bit before we headed inside. He was getting really close, but was still a bit shaky on the corners. I’ll let you in on a secret though…since I’m writing this lateJ…by Monday, he had it figured out too…so we have no more training wheels!! J The rest of the week is kind of a blur…I know I did tons of VBS stuff…took the kids to the library one day & worked on VBS while they played…sat outside & watched the kids ride bikes while I worked on VBS…

What's happening this week…More VBS, VBS, & VBSJ…Monday, Tuesday will be lots of VBS…fun stuff Wednesday for Canada Day with the kids…Thursday Cheri & I are going on a “date”J…Friday we’re leaving VERY early in the morning (7:00!) to go & watch Jodi in the Calgary Stampede parade! Then we’ll come home & get Benjamin ready to go to camp! Ben & Benjamin are going to the father/son camp at Camp Teepee Pole for the second year…last chance for Benjamin as next year he’ll go on his own & Ben will go with Kirby. Check out this link for pictures from last year that are on their website: of Ben & Benjamin even made it into the brochure for this yearJ. Anyway, they’ll be gone Friday evening till early afternoon on Sunday, so I’ll be on my own with the younger 2. Not sure what we’ll do yet, but I’m sure we’ll have fun! Later Sunday afternoon we’re going to a surprise 30th birthday partyJ.

I am missing…My vacuum cleaner…it hasn’t been working for nearly 3 weeks now. The store where I bought it thought I needed to replace the power cord…which costs $150! I talked to a vacuum cleaner repair man though & he thought it could be something a lot simpler. I’m supposed to pick it up Friday…praying he could fix it for really cheap…the floors are getting nasty! Just got a phone call as I’m writing this that he was able to fix it…it’ll cost $100, but that’s still cheaper! I can pick it up Friday…yaaayJ.

I am praying for…people to step forward to help with VBS. It’s only 1 ½ weeks away & I’m feeling the crunch…trying not to stress.

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Cheri said...

I am looking forward to our date. :) Sorry that I have not been able to respond to your facebook message I can't seem to get my facebook to work. But, I think we will be able to just figure it out tomorrow. :) Love ya!