Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wonderful Christmas!

Well, it’s doneJ We started Christmas at our house on the 23rd…a tradition we started when we first got married so that we could do Christmas with our families on the 24th & 25th. Each year I struggle with what to make for supper that night. We never do turkey dinner because we get that at both parent’s houses. Ben usually works for the day so we only have the evening…so I don’t like to cook anything too big & fancy, but like it to be a nice meal still. Anyways, this year Ben & I got talking about it & decided to start a tradition. When Ben got home from work we made pizzas. I bought English muffins so the kids could make their own little pizzas & bought crusts for Ben & I. We thought this would be a fun tradition for the kids because, although we eat pizza during the rest of the year, we very rarely make our own & they LOVE it when we do! The kids had a blast making mini pizzas. While the pizzas cooked we opened a couple of gifts. Then we ate our pizza. Pjs along with the new housecoats the kids just unwrapped were next on the agenda before opening the rest of our gifts. It worked really well & I look forward to continuing the traditionJ

One thing I have to say is thank you to my hubby. He bought my gift back in November & has been wanting to give it to me ever sinceJ He had asked me for my Christmas list, but proceeded to tell me he got me something different. OK…he’s gotten me good things that weren’t on my list before… I had to be able to balance the bank statement at the beginning of December, so Ben had to tell me how much it cost so that I could find it & cover the store where he bought it. So then I knew the cost & that it wasn’t on my list…starting to wonder… Then he proceeded to tell me that it was non-refundable…getting nervous… Anyways…Ben, I’m sorry for doubting you…you did wonderfully!!! J I love you! (For those of you who haven’t heard…he bought me a flash for my camera!!!)

Ben worked the morning of the 24th, while I got things ready to go to his parents…wrapping, overnight stuff, kids wrapping their gifts, food, etc. We finally got to their place around 4:00…we weren’t late for dinner! WoohooJ It was very strange sitting down at the table with just us & Nathanael & Brandy with Mom & Dad! We really missed having Byron, Kyla, & Braydon & James, Cheri, & Max! After we cleaned up supper the kids opened their gifts & then we put them all to bed before doing ours. Our kids all got sleds from Grandpa & Grandma…they were super excited to go sledding the next day!

Christmas morning the kids played for a long time without even looking at the stockings…the original plan had been to open stockings in front of the webcam so that James & Cheri could feel like they were a part of our Christmas…but we couldn’t get the webcam to work…so we all went downstairs & visited with them for a bit before doing stockings. We hung around for a bit after stockings before heading up the hill to go sledding. The kids had a blast! The only thing that sent us home was Ben being too cold! The rest of us have ski pants, but Ben doesn’t…& I never thought to bring his coveralls so his legs were freezing. Ah well, we still had a blast! Ben made supper for us at home while I played some of the kids’ new games with them….then it was off to bedJ

Ben worked Boxing Day...with the cold weather up till Christmas he hadn’t been able to pour the 2 basements he needed to. We were becoming desperate to pour a job so we could get paid…another blog in itself. Anyways…Boxing Day was one of the only nice days so he needed to work. I spent the day at home with the kids just unpacking, finding homes for new things, & relaxing.

We got to my parents around noon on Saturday for brunch. My mom made quiche…just for meJ…well, obviously for everyone, but I had told her I’d really like it. When we were growing up she used to make quiche on Christmas morning every year. It’s been a few years since we had it. I told her I missed it so she made it for meJ Thanks Mom! Ben, my dad, & Drew headed outside to work on their ice rink, the kids went out to play, & I went out to take picturesJ We were out for basically the whole afternoon, ending with putting the hose in the rink to fill! The kids had fun playing outside…it had been a while since they’d been out because of the cold, so it was good. Then we headed in & the kids opened their gift from Grandpa & Grandma…we wanted them to be able to play with it before going to bed so thought it was better if they opened it early. My parents got them a marble run…they love it! After a delicious turkey dinner we sat down to finish gifts. It’s always been a rather drawn out process in our house…one at a time, take time to enjoy & talk. For the most part I’ve always liked that…the only reason I was disappointed this year is that by the time we got through gifts & putting kids to bed it was too late to party…we usually play games & have snacks at that point, but we all had to be up for church in the morning so needed to get to bed. Ah well, we’ll have to find another evening to do that. It was a wonderful time as family, just hanging out!

Sunday I just needed sleep! I was falling apart emotionally & felt like I was starting to get sickL Kirby had been getting sick Saturday night too, so after lunch we put him down for a nap & the other 2 for quiet times. Ben watched hockey & I fell asleep on the couch…for 2-3 hours! Kirby also slept for 3 hours…& went to bed just fine that night! I think we needed itJ

Yesterday morning I got a surprise! I had been disappointed that I didn’t get to go my Grandma’s Christmas get together this year…I always enjoy catching up with my aunts, uncles, & cousins & playing games. My dad’s youngest sister & I are really close in age & have always been really close. She was there with her family & we haven’t seen each other in over a year. Anyways, yesterday morning Debbie called & asked if I’d be home in the next half hour…they were in Olds on their way here! They only stayed for about half an hour, but it was so good to see them…give some hugs…and let the kids play together. Thanks guys, you made my dayJ

After Darrel & Debbie left I switched into preparation mode…our business Christmas party was last night so I got everything ready for that & headed over to the Community Center to set up. From what I’m told everyone enjoyed themselves so it was a successJ

So that wraps up our Christmas celebrationsJ We’ll lay low for New Years…doesn’t mean much to the kids yet anywaysJ

I still have Christmas cards sitting on my desk that will get sent out with family pictures…yes I know, I’m really late…but I just want you to know that I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family & friends, remembering the real reason for the season! Happy New Year from the Werdals!

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Thanks for posting this Heidi! It was wonderful to read about your Christmas!