Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is coming!

Well this last week has been a lot busier than I was originally hoping…but it’s been good! We’ve been baking like mad & just having fun hanging out at home. I also took some family pictures on Wednesday…quick before it got cold! We had been planning to go & get our Christmas tree today, but when the forecast started saying a high of -19 we thought we wouldn’t be taking the kids out in that! Ben was able to leave work a bit early on Wednesday & we headed out to the ranch to find our perfect treeJ Well…it isn’t so perfect…more uniqueJ

Thursday night was the sleepover with Elliotts. Benjamin’s prayers were answered…no one was sick! The kids had a BLAST!!! They came just after supper & played for a bit & then everyone got pjs on & we watched the cartoon version of “A Christmas Carol”. When I brought in popcorn & jujubes I was informed it was now the perfect sleepover! Alexis said they had been talking earlier that day of what happened at sleepovers…she had listed a movie & popcorn…but then added that they probably wouldn’t have popcorn, but that was OK. When I brought the popcorn she got all excited & said now it was the perfect sleepoverJ Made my day anywaysJ The kids all went to bed great & didn’t have any issues during the night. They were up bright & early having fun once again. I love watching all the games they make up together…they literally set up a town…there’s a store, a doctor, a hockey game…it’s so fun to watch! Friday morning the snow started here & they wanted to go play in it…so we bundled everyone up & out they went…once again had a blastJ Then it was inside for apple cider & lunch before their mom picked them up. It’s so too bad they won’t be doing that again for a long timeL…but I am soooo thankful we were able to do it before Elliotts leave!!!

One thing that baffled me a little….I got more done with 6 kids in the house than I do with 3! I think I’ve figured it out…it has to do with 2 things. First, they entertain each other…there’s way less running to Mommy needing something. Second, with 6 kids in the house I have more motivation & am way less inclined to sit at the computer & such for hours. So I’ll be working on that with only 3 kids in the house too!

This morning the kids & I braved the freezing cold to head to the church for the Christmas program practice. After that we brought our tree inside to decorate! Tonight was the Adult Christmas Banquet at church. I had asked Andrew to come watch the kids. When Sheri told me they didn’t have anyone to watch their kids I suggested bringing them over. Andrew is soooo good with kids & did just fine with all 6! It was great that they could play again…cramming in as much as we can before Thursday. All the kids were definitely ready for sleep though! For all of them this was #3 for late nights in a row…and tomorrow will be too because of the Christmas program! Thinking naps are in storeJ

The Christmas program was a blast. It’s always nice to get out of the house with no kids…it was special to go with Elliotts…we don’t get to do things with other couples very often. I really appreciated how the banquet was elegant yet simple. The room was decorated beautifully…made it feel like an adults only thingJ…the food was amazing! There was no big entertainment though…Pastor Kent & Jodi put on a game show…it was GREAT!! Everyone was laughing & to me that’s what’s important…to get out & have fun together as the McDougal Chapel family.

One thing that really touched me…at the end when people were getting desserts, visiting, & some getting ready to leave it was announced that the toilets were backing up & couldn’t be used. Shortly after the smell started to come into the basement. It was too bad, but everyone just kept on visiting which I thought was cool! What touched me though was when we were leaving…our Governing Board Chairman, who’s “duties” often go unnoticed I think…was walking back into the church, heading to the bathroom with rubber boots on. Just that he was so willing to do that for all of us…I’m sure he won’t rest tonight till it’s ready for church tomorrow. Thank you Les…you are a blessing to all of us around you!

At the end (before the whole bathroom issue, but I wanted to write this last), Jason read the Christmas story & talked about how we need to take the light of Jesus & pass it on. They had candles on the tables for each person…turned out all the lights…then Jason lit one candle at each of the tables at the front & then each person had to pass it on. It was so cool to watch & a great tangible reminder of how when we shine Jesus light it spreads! By the time all the candles were lit it was brighter in the room than it had been with just the candle centerpieces & Christmas lights around the room! I’m so thankful for the salvation story that was set in motion that day when Jesus was born…and God did that for ME! So hard to believe that if there was no one else on earth he still would have come just for me! Thank you Jesus!

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