Monday, December 22, 2008

Last minute prep...

Well, the crunch is onJ Only 24 hours till Christmas starts at our house! I’m desperately trying to get the house in order, run last minute errands, make sure I have everything that I’m supposed to bring for food, wrap gifts, & do a bit more baking with the kids! Feels a bit crazy right now, but I know that tomorrow night whatever’s not done just gets left…cause then it’ll be time to enjoyJ

We’ll do Christmas here at home tomorrow night (a tradition we started when we first got married because we went to Werdal’s on the 24th & my parent’s on the 25th). Wednesday we’ll go to Werdal’s for a smaller Christmas than usual…we’ll be missing James, Cheri, & Max as well as Byron, Kyla, Braydon…and if Brandy goes into labor then them too! We’ll leave Werdal’s hopefully just before noon on Christmas Day & head up the hill for some sledding before we come home to relax & just hang out as a family. Boxing Day will be a whatever day…hanging out, wrapping gifts for the Bartell Christmas…then Saturday we’ll head to my parent’s place for the day. Next Monday is the business Christmas party…it’ll be a busy week, but fun!

Anyways…just thought I’d let you all know what we’ll be up to because I probably won’t have a chance to write for a bit. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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