Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Holidays Begin

Well, Christmas holidays have officially started at our houseJ Friday was Benjamin’s last day of school till January 12…love that about homeschooling! We’re very excited to start baking, doing crafts, making gifts, & just having fun! If all goes as planned we’ll bake something new each day this week. We have a few things booked through the week…playdate, Christmas program practices, hockey…but I’m trying to not make it crazy…I really just want to have fun at home with my kids!

I think the kids are most excited though about a sleepover on Thursday night. I had written a while back that they were going to have the Elliott kids over for a sleepover, but Alexis ended up sick so we had to reschedule. Benjamin has been praying every day that no one gets sick this time…if we have to cancel again it won’t likely happen…they leave for Mexico in a week & a half! So we’re looking forward with anticipation to Thursday…and with expectancy that God will answer Benjamin’s prayerJ

This morning at church the Kid Connection kids did a presentation with some of the songs they’ve learned along with a few of their Bible verses & what we’ve been learning about. It was a blast! There were about 15 kids there I think…I was hoping for a few more, but the important thing is that the ones that God wanted there were there…so I’m going to trust that those are the ones who were thereJ I’m enjoying having a break from Kid Connection…I think it’s important so I don’t burn out & to keep it fun & exciting for the kids.

Yesterday I had a great ladies day out with some ladies from our church. We spent the day shopping & then went out for supper. It was good just to visit & get to know some ladies better…and finish up my Christmas shopping…only one I had left was Ben & now it’s doneJ

This evening we went to my parents for supper. Some good friends of ours from when we were in Africa were in the area & had come for the evening. It was great to visit for a bit & just hang out. It’s been too many late nights for me though…I need to go to bed. Between 2 nights of sick kids, ladies night out, & now visiting…I’m done. So goodnight to you all! I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season & remembering the real reason for the season!

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Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

I love reading your posts! This way, I feel caught up in your life.... Great post.