Thursday, November 27, 2008


After all that I nearly forgot to tell you my funnies of the dayJ These are the reasons I started this blog…stuff like this that has hit me for years, but I never wrote it down so I’ll never remember it all…

Yesterday for lunch in Red Deer we decided to go to Boston Pizza. We had gotten some coupons for free pizzas & drinks so we had a free meal there anyways. The kids are used to choosing something off the kids menu when we’re there, so when we told them this time they had to have pizza they weren’t too sure, but were OK with it. Then Kirby started to get upset, “But I want veggies Mommy!” He was upset because he wanted to be able to pick the steamed veggies to go with his meal. I told him we could order a side of veggies…then proceeded to forget when we placed our order. He got his pizza, looked at it, looked again…”but Mommy where’s my veggies??” Oh dear…I ordered them & told him to eat his pizza while he waited. He didn’t want to eat any of his pizza till after he had his veggies! We eventually talked him into eating a little, but he wasn’t happy till his veggies came!

Then today we had to go out again for supper…the joys of having to be in the city over meal time…so we thought we’d take the kids to BP’s again since yesterday was free (except the veggiesJ). They were thrilled to learn that they’d get to pick their meals this time. Kirby quickly added, “And I want veggies!” Then as we were walking in he said, “I don’t want anything else, just veggies!” It’s so cute to hear him sayJ Rather ironic too…Benjamin being the first was raised on veggies & he’s eaten them from the start…Manda was pretty much the same. By the time Kirby came along though, Benjamin was old enough that I had started giving him a very few select sweets…well, then the other 2 want to know why they can’t have one. Kirby had veggies from the start too, but it was more of a fight with him because he knew what “sweets” are early on. It’s fun to see it come full circle & have him begging for veggiesJ It’s not just at BP’s either…Kirby doesn’t do well when he gets hungry…he’s usually the one telling me he wants lunch & I’ll tell him I just have to finish such & such. He goes straight to the fridge & pulls out the cucumber, carrots, & peppers & puts them on the counter. “I got the veggies out for you Mommy (hint, hint!).”

Yesterday we got Amanda’s hair cut for the first time at a hairdresser. I’ve just been trimming it myself, but because I don’t know what I’m doing I always end up cutting off more than I want so her hair never gets past a certain length. I found out that at Beaners it only cost $13 to get it cut, so decided to go for it. She had so much fun! She was so proud to sit in the little pink car & was proud as punch when the hairdresser put sparkles in her hair & called her a princess. It was fun to watch her face. We’ve always called her a princess & I’ve stressed to her many times that she doesn’t have to be dressed up all pretty to be a princess…that God made her his princess & ours. The look on her face to hear that from someone else though was pricelessJ

The kids (especially Benjamin) have started wanting to be able to buy Christmas gifts for each other this year. I debated how to go about it…I really wanted to encourage them to think about giving, not just receiving so we decided to give them each $5 to spend on each of their siblings. The kids have been on the lookout for what they wanted to get. Benjamin had decided early on that he wanted to get Manda something that cost $15…I talked to him about it numerous times…”Are you sure you want to spend $10 out of your savings?” Yes, he was sure. At Beaners yesterday they had what he wanted so Ben took the younger 2 so he could pay for it. Made me proud to see him willing to give up extra money to get something he knew his little sister would really like! The rest of the day he kept wanting to tell me what he wanted to get Daddy for Christmas, but he couldn’t because Daddy was there. So when we got to the church last night he finally told me…soooo excited that he’d thought of something he knew Daddy would like…and yes it’ll cost $20 or so…haven’t decided where to go with that one yet, but super proud of him for thinking of others!

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