Thursday, November 27, 2008

Excitement...and frustration...

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks! I’ve been really excitedabout next week. This week is our last full week of school before we break for Christmas. Next week we’ll do a few odds & ends, but it’ll be slowing down & starting to do fun stuff…baking, crafts, etc.

Then 2 days ago Ben’s truck died…well, not totally, but he couldn’t pull a trailer with it or he would have blown the transmission. When you do concrete for a living & can’t pull a trailer it may as well have died. Anyways, he got an appointment for it in Red Deer yesterday morning at 8am, hoping they’d be able to rebuild the transfer case ($1000-$2000) & save us having to buy a new one ($2500). So we all headed out bright & early so he could drop off the truck. We thought we should make the best of the trip so we stayed the day to finish up some Christmas shopping & get some groceries. We pulled up to the house last night a couple minutes before 6…Ben jumped out & the kids & I went straight to the church for Kid Connection…we didn’t get home till 9…7am-9pm…it was a long day! I was excited though because this was the last Kid Connection till January 14. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, but it’ll be nice to have a breakJ

To add to the stress, Ben & I have been fighting colds off & on for about a week & a half now. We’ll feel fine for a while & then all of a sudden feel miserable. Well, by the end of the day yesterday I felt miserable. I was overtired & singing at Kid Connection killed my throat. I woke up this morning feeling not much better, but got a bit better as the morning wore on.

My sister has started coming once a week to help me clean house…well, not so much to help me clean, but to help me teach the kids to clean. Those of you who have 3 or more kids, know that it’s very hard to instruct & keep 3 kids busy all at once! I think it’s really important for the kids to learn to help around the house, but if I can only teach one at a time then the other 2 are already off making a mess. We’ve got a really good system down & I’m loving it! The kids are figuring out their jobs…they’re having fun…and my house is getting clean! All that was to say that I cleaned house with my sister & the kids this morningJ

After feeding the kids a late lunch we headed out to pick up Ben from the job & go pick up his truck. Here’s where it got extra stressful. We’d already found out that no they couldn’t rebuild the transfer case…it would be nearly $2800…I was dealing with that. Then we found out that there had been a mistake in a bill that we wrote to a customer & now we might not get the money till end of next week. Problem…payday is Monday…that money was supposed to cover payroll. Definitely forcing me to say, “OK Lord, I don’t know how we’ll do this, but I know I just have to trust you”. Feeling better now…still don’t know how it’ll work out but God doesJ

Well, I feel like I just wrote a very hodge podge complaint book to you…I really didn’t mean it that way at all…I debated not posting it, but the whole reason I wrote is to give you a little window into our lives. So I will post this…and trust that you won’t think I’m a pessimistic whinerJ I am learning (slowly it seems) to give all my worries to God. My worrying isn’t going to change it any (except make it more stressful), so I may as well lower my blood pressure & leave it in his hands! Someday maybe I’ll learn to do that before I even start worrying about itJ

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Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

Good for you for baring your soul, Heidi... I don't think you're pessimistic. I think you're real. The point of a blog, in my opinion, is not to fool people into believing that your life is perfect, but to give people a window into your life! Proud of you girl!
Hope you get better quickly and that you can stay home for a while!