Monday, November 10, 2008

Amazing Weekend

I had such an amazing weekend away!!! The retreat was advertised as a time to do whatever you wanted…nothing planned. I was super excited about that…so I didn’t feel like I had to scrapbook, or do anything specific, I could just go by what I felt like. I thought about inviting a friend to go with me, but didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I deserted them to be by myselfJ

When I arrived on Friday night I was a bit discouraged because it seemed like everyone was scrapbooking or doing crafty things of some sort…I thought maybe I’d misunderstood the purpose of the weekend. It turns out it really didn’t matter what they were all doing. I spent a little time on Friday night going through some pictures I need to scrapbook & then headed to my room. I enjoyed a quiet shower & some reading time before bed.

On Saturday morning as soon as breakfast was done I went to my room…and didn’t come out till lunch timeJ I thoroughly enjoyed reading, writing some letters, & just having time to think some things through. After lunch I spent a bit more time looking through scrapbook stuff & then went back to my room. I went for a bit of a walk before supper & took some pictures…it was so nice outside! After supper I sat around & visited a bit while I worked on the kids’ journals.

Sunday morning was about the same…breakfast & then hide away in my room…then I decided to pack up my stuff & clean out the room before everyone was filling the hallways so I did that…and in the process realized it was REALLY nice outside…so I headed outside to work on catching up the kids journals some more…could have sat out there for a long time! Pretty much right after lunch it was time to head home.

I felt like a different woman than the one who arrived on Friday! Yes, it was nice to be around other women…but most of all I needed time alone! God knew that & was taking care of meJ Thanks Lord for the amazing time of refreshment & relaxation!

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