Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benjamin's birthday

I can hardly believe we now have a 7 year old! I know everyone says it, but they grow up so quickly!! We had Benjamin’s birthday party on Sunday. He really wanted a Cars (the movie) party. I decided I needed to keep it simple in order to keep myself saneJ Benjamin had gotten an idea at a birthday party this summer (Alexis’ party) to make games for his party….so he had asked me to print a bunch of pictures of the cars in the movie (& he drew a few) & he hid them all over the church basement. When kids first got there he told them about it & everyone ran around looking for carsJ The main project I planned was some wooden model cars…the kids spent quite a while using watercolor paints to paint their car (used watercolor so they’d be dry in time to race at the end). While Ben attached all the wheels, the kids played “Pin the Lightning McQueen on the Track”…drawn & decorated by Benjamin. Then the kids watched the Cars movie while we got the pizza ready. Then it was cake & presents before the big race. The plan was to race the model cars that they painted, but we were having issues with the wheels staying on, so instead I took the matchbox cars out of their party bags & they raced those instead. It was a lot of fun…and most importantly Benjamin enjoyed itJ

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