Friday, November 21, 2008

A busy week...

It’s been a really busy week around here! On Monday I headed off for my payday shopping trip…with no kids! It has been such a treat having Lane & Sheri living so close & so willing to keep the kids for me on short notice! I will definitely miss them (not just for the babysitting either! J). Speaking of that…we have less than a month left with them here…L…trying to use every opportunity we canJ.

Tuesday night Ben went to a Flames game with a bunch of guys from our church…and yes for those of you who were wondering…he was cheering for ColoradoJ Wednesday brought Kid Connection…the second last one till the new year! That’s hard to believe…but it will be a welcome break.

I just realized that I completely forgot to blog this…2 weeks ago, Ben brought home a deer for us! I’m very excited to have good meat in the freezer again! Anyways…it’s been hanging in the garage for nearly 2 weeks, so we decided we just had to do it…even if it was late. L So Wednesday night when Ben got home he started butchering…I got home from Kid Connection & got kids to bed…and a bit of clean up around the house. Then it was time for my part of the job…this is the 7th time we’ve done this together I believe…so we have a system worked outJ Ben cuts all the meat off the bone & puts it in a bowl…then I sit & pick off any hair that’s left & cut it into smaller pieces…Ben takes the pieces & works his muscles to grind themJ Then it’s bagging it all & cleaning up! We ended up with about 30 lbs of meat…which will be gone much sooner than I’d like…but we’ll enjoy every bit! Finally done, we got to bed around 2:30 am…very tired!

Yesterday was a busy day too…my sister Trina came over to help me clean house & teach the kids to clean house. I’ve been wanting to get the kids doing more, but before they can do it you have to train them…but to train 3 at once is tricky to say the least. It worked really well with Trina! First everyone picked up all the toys…then I took 2 kids to start on bathrooms (they rotate doing tub, sink, & toilet)…Trina took the 3rd kid to their bedroom (Benjamin did our room) to vacuum & mop the floor…then they switched. Then Trina & I vacuumed & mopped the rest of the house & I dusted a little. It was all done in 3 hours! I was very pleased with how cheerfully the kids worked…and how clean my house was!

Yesterday evening I had a Norwex party here. I’ve always hated home parties…but when a friend of mine told me about Norwex I thought I’d go to a party & find out what it was about. (My aunt had told me about it a while back so I had a wee bit of info, but without hearing the whole presentation was pretty skeptical.) I was completely sold! I’m super excitedJ…but if you want to know more you’ll have to talk to me! Anyway, my party went really well…I was able to get a lot more free stuff than I expected, which is always a bonus! It was fun just to have people in my house! I’ve always loved hosting & having people in my home, but since we moved into this house I’ve found it really hard to do because it’s so small.

Tonight we’re having the Elliott kids over for a sleepover! My kids are sooooo excited! They’ve never had a sleepover before, so this is extra special. Tomorrow Benjamin has a hockey game in Torrington…kind of strange…last year they only planned one game at the end of the year…and now we have to travel (he’s on the same team)…ah well…I’m sure he’ll have a blast! So that’s our busy week! Sunday will be a wonderful quiet day at homeJ…& looking forward to next week not being as busy!

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Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

I gotta tell you Heidi... You are a very tough woman. There is NO way I could stomach the butchering job you do! I remember as a kid my dad would bring home a deer and I wouldn't be able to eat anything made from the meat because I saw what it looked like being butchered. I still can't eat wild meat because of it! You're strong, girl!