Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random Recipes-no bake granola bars

I had been wanting to make my own granola bars for a while so I went looking & combined 2 or 3 recipes to make my own.  The kids love them & it’s a lot cheaper than buying them!  I love how simple these are because you don’t have to bake them. 

        No-Bake Granola Bars
          (Makes 2 – 9x13 pans)

          5 c. rice krispies
          5 c. oatmeal
          1 ½ c. brown sugar
          1 ½ c. corn syrup
          1 ½ c. peanut butter
          2 tsp. vanilla
          2 c. your choice of add-ins (see optional for ideas)

Optional: Currants, raisins, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, mini chocolate chips, sliced almonds, coconut, pumpkin seeds (I add a maximum of ¼ - ½ c. of any of these…just combine the ones you like.)

Ä Mix 1st 2 ingredients in a large bowl
Ä Bring brown sugar & syrup to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring constantly
Ä Remove from heat
Ä Stir in peanut butter & vanilla until well blended
Ä Pour syrup mixture over cereal mixture
Ä Stir until coated
Ä Let stand 10 minutes
Ä Stir in add-ins
Ä Press into pans
Ä Cool in pans on wire racks

NOTE: They freeze great!  Let them cool, cut them & then just transfer them to a freezable container with wax paper between the layers.


Cheri said...

I will definitely have to try these as well because I have yet to find any sort of granola bars here. They sound so yummy.

Just one question. It's says to combine the first three ingredients but I'm only seeing two.

Thanks for sharing these recipes Heidi!

Heidi said...'re right Cheri. Sorry:) I fixed it.

Lisa said...

Mmmmm, this sounds good Heidi! I'm going to have to try them out for myself!

Cheri said...

Ha ha.. thanks. :) I thought it was probably just a typo in the instructions but if it wasn't I just didn't want to miss out on that third ingredient!! :)

Heidi said...

Note to anyone interested in trying these. The recipe might need a little tweeking still (Cheri I know you'd do amazing at that:)). When I had made them before they were dry so this time I did a little more of the liquid part (keeping ratios the same). They were perfect this time...not too dry...not sticky...but they're quite crumbly. I'm not sure what's causing it. Anyway...just wanted to give you a heads up.

Brandy said...

I was going to ask you for the recipe for these when I saw it on fb! Going to try these!!