Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Recipes-Polynesian Chicken

This is for you Cheri:)...and anyone else who's looking for a new recipe idea!  One of our all time favorites.  Enjoy!

Polynesian Chicken

¾ cup flour
2 tsp. Paprika
1 tsp. Salt

6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, diced
¼ cup butter

¾ cup brown sugar
1 Tbsp. Cornstarch
1 tsp. Ground ginger (I usually do double this at least)
¾ cup pineapple juice (juice from one can)
¼ cup vinegar
2 Tbsp. Soy sauce

1 can (14 oz) pineapple tidbits
1 small green pepper, julienned

Ø  Combine 1st 3 ingredients in a bag
Ø  NOTE: I usually double the flour mixture...just makes it a lot easier to get all the chicken coated.
Ø  Add chicken & shake until coated
Ø  Melt butter in pan
Ø  Remove chicken from flour mixture & put in pan
Ø  Cook chicken until cooked through & golden brown
Ø  NOTE: Don’t stir the chicken unless absolutely necessary.  The flour coating will become goopy & come off the chicken.  When I add the chicken to the pan I make sure to spread it out over the entire pan...then leave it there till that side is browned.  At that point you can stir it gently to get the rest of it browned.

Ø  Mix brown sugar & cornstarch in a small pot
Ø  Add the ginger, pineapple juice, vinegar & soy sauce
Ø  Stir well
Ø  Heat until thickened

Put it all togetherJ
Ø  Pour the thickened sauce over the cooked chicken
Ø  Gently stir in pineapple & green pepper
Ø  Allow to simmer until heated through & green pepper is desired firmness (not sure if that’s the right wordJ??)
Ø  Serve over rice (I prefer brown)


Brandy said...

Definitly going to try this!!

Cheri said...

Yay! Thanks Heidi! I'm gonna try it as soon as I get my kitchen back. :)