Thursday, May 13, 2010

New blog ideas

Here are some new blog ideas I have that may or may not (depending on how much I decide I like themJ) pop on here:

Random Recipes...recipe ideas that have already been test drivenJ.  (I have a few friends who do this & I really enjoy getting them so I thought I’d try too.)

Werdal Wanderings...probably a similar format to what I was doing last year.

Family Funnies...pretty self explanatory.

Heidi’s Highlights...random thoughts & facts that stand out in my mind.

Picture of the month...again...I think you can figure it outJ.

Feel free to give me your thoughts...


Brandy said...

awesome idea if you do the recipe thingy you should add where kids can help. I never think to get them to help me. We have decided to take the gates down when school starts in sept that way they will be a little older. I would love to try recipes that you guys have tried.

Heidi said...

Hmmm. Good thought Brandy. I'm not always very good at remembering that either, but it would be great motivation for me to get the kids involved more so I'll do my best:)

Cheri said...

I love all of these ideas Heidi! Your first recipe should be Polynesian Chicken. :D