Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Tuesday with Heidi

I'm thankful for…being able to finally meet my new nephew on Sunday & that he’s home from the hospital! Also that Ben & I got to go on a date…and that I have a mother-in-law who was willing to take the kids even when they were sick because she knew I needed to get away. Thanks Mom!

What’s happening with the kids? Sick, sick, sick. Benjamin has been sick nearly constantly since school started which has not been fun. It got a bit worse last week & I kept him home one day to get some rest. Since then he seems to be improving. Manda & Kirby were fine until Friday. Now they have the bug too. On Friday we went to see the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra perform “Bugs Bunny on Broadway”. It was a bit of a stretch for Manda & Kirby because they had just gotten sick…it was late…and long…but overall they enjoyed it. It was a fun way to introduce them to the orchestra. Benjamin absolutely loved it & thought it was so cool that the orchestra could play the exact music that he hears every time he watches Bugs Bunny (this fact was kind of lost on M&K).

What’s new with Ben & I? We got to go on a date! It was wonderful to get away on Sunday…been way too long! Ben has lots of work right now…and one less guy to do it with, so he’ll be busy. He also plays his first hockey game tonight which he’s super excited aboutJ. As far as me…well, when we got home from our date on Sunday night I started to feel a bit of a sore throat coming on…it got worse & worse through the day yesterday. This is the first time I’ve been sick in a long time…which I’m thankful for…but it’s still not fun…especially while trying to take care of 2 sick kids! Other than that it’s pretty much just the normal…mom, wife, Kid’s Rock, bookkeeper…

What’s happening around the house? The chaos is driving me crazy. I just get one project done…clothes taken out to the shed…and another shows up…I now have 3 hockey bags to trip over. I wish I could have a weekend with the house to myself to get caught up on all the things that I never get time to do because they’re not top priority.

What's happening in my kitchen? Well, I was going to write this blog yesterday & totally forgot…so I’ll write yesterday’s supper…it was more interestingJ. We’ll be doing Thanksgiving with Ben’s family in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to cook something a little bit special to make it at least feel like Thanksgiving. We had farmer sausage & applesauce, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, & pumpkin pie with whipping cream. Mmmmm…it was good! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying being able to bake again. We now have apple crisp in the fridge & a pumpkin pie…I never make dessert this much! Sometime this week I plan to start making some muffins & cookies.

I am missing…Alexis, Jemma & Noah…friends for the kids. We have never connected with a family the same as we did with the Elliott’s last summer. Our kids miss their kid’s so much. We’ll be driving down the road & completely out of the blue Manda will say, “Mommy I want to see Lexis, Jemma & Noah again!” Manda & Kirby just don’t understand the whole thing with how far away they are & how long they’re goneL. In the last couple weeks I’ve been starting to plan Manda & Benjamin’s birthdays…and I so wish that I could invite Alexis, Jemma, & Noah…it won’t be the same without them! Love you guys!!

I am praying for…all of us to be healthy soon…especially Benjamin as he’s trying to learn despite constantly feeling under the weather..

What’s God been doing in my heart? Well, I had to stay home from church with sick kids this week. I HATE staying home from church. Sunday mornings are my restart time. I leave all the junk behind from the week before & start fresh. I love singing as a body of believers & being encouraged by Pastor Kent’s sermons. Often when I have to stay home I’ll get quite down & depressed by the time Ben gets home from church…I was able to avoid that this week. I still didn’t want to be at home, but I enjoyed the time I had with the kids. We played a game together, listened to music, & read stories. Thanks Lord for changing my attitude Sunday. Please help the rest of the week to go smoothly even though I didn’t get that “reset”.

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