Monday, October 5, 2009

A Monday with Heidi...finally:)

Well, I haven’t been very good about blogging this fall, but I’m trying to get back into it. I came across a blog format online that I really like because it breaks things down a little. I like the format I’m using, I just can’t seem to give short answers…so it takes a while to blog…therefore I avoid it because I don’t have time. So…I’m going to combine the 2 & we’ll see what happens…more headings, but less in each oneJ.

I'm thankful for…a house for Trevor & Beckie!! Last time I wrote I said I was praying for them. In about than 2 weeks (if I’m remembering right…) they were able to buy a home & be moving in! God is good!!! I’m also so thankful for the safe arrival of our new baby nephew, Bowie Orion Werdal. He was born at 34 weeks, weighing 4 lbs. 8 oz.

I'm listening to…Manda & Kirby playing together. It’s been hard lately to hear just the 2 of them…Benjamin misses playing with them so much!

What’s happening with the kids? Manda has had 3 gymnastics practices now & is LOVING it!!! It’s been so fun to see her come out of her shell & enjoy something that’s just hers…no comparison to the boys…doesn’t matter how anyone else is doing…she just glows every time I pick her upJ. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying going to the school every day at lunch to do the kilometer club with Benjamin. We get to help him earn popsicle sticks for his class (we usually do 2 km x 3 of us, gives him 6 extra sticks toward their class total)…it creates a structure for Manda to walk (one thing on her program)…but most of all, to be able to see Benjamin in the middle of the day. It means an extra trip in the middle of the day, but it’s so worth it to be able to hang out with him for half an hour. Kirby has always had a temper & it’s something we work on all the time. Ben & I talked about it a little while back though & made a game plan. It’s been amazing to see the difference in him in just a month or so. He still has a temper, but he’s learning how to respond & it’s really neat to see!

What’s new with Ben & I? Ben’s been busy working which we’re very thankful for. Winter is coming much too quickly for our liking…we only just got working & haven’t caught up from last winter yet. I’ve been busy planning Kid’s Rock (the kid’s program at our church), homeschooling, driving Benjamin back & forth, doing bookwork, & lately, taking pictures. I hadn’t taken pictures in a long time & now in the last few weeks have done 2 sets of baby pictures, family pictures, school pictures, & have another set of family ones to do…plus our own family! It’s been fun to take them again…but the editing time is always hard to find.

Right now we’re working on planning a date. Ben & I made a plan a while back to go on a date once a month to help keep us sane. With Ben suddenly working so much, Benjamin starting school, me starting homeschool & Kid’s Rock…it all happened at once & we went from having lots of time together to very little. Well it’s been at least 2 ½ months…neither of us can remember when the last one was. I’m working at planning a date, but am finding it tough. With Benjamin in school we’re limited to Friday or Saturday nights…Friday nights are family night…Saturdays we don’t like being out late (tired for church in the morning). Hmmm…we’ll figure something out…and soonJ!

What’s happening around the house? Cleanliness & chaos!! I have so many things to catch up which is more & more discouraging…but extremely encouraging has been the kids’ chore routine. They each have 2 chores to do each day…and 2 additional ones for the weekend. As long as we’re home & they get those done…my bathrooms stay clean all the time…the dishwasher is unloaded & loaded…garbages are done…toys are picked up & the dining room is vacuumed! The only thing I have to figure out still is how to work washing floors into the systemJ.

What's happening in my kitchen? Some kind of chicken for supper tonight…but I’m especially excited to get my oven fixed today!! It’s been about 9 months since I’ve had a working oven & I can’t wait to bake again! I just hope he shows up…he had originally told me the part would be in weeks ago…so I’ll believe it when he shows upJ.

I am missing…my family. Seems strange…they only live 5 minutes away, but my dad has been working in Lethbridge for the majority of the time since about June…so my mom & Drew & Trina have spent a lot of time going back & forth with him too. They’re home now for a bit so I’m hoping we can get together soon & catch up!

I am praying for…Byron, Kyla, Braydon, & Bowie. Praying for strength for the family as Kyla is staying in the city & Byron is working here with Ben. Praying that Bowie can go home soon!

What’s God been doing in my heart? Pastor Kent’s sermon yesterday about Christ in us really hit home. Now I need to apply it. God isn’t just supposed to be number 1 in my priorities, but a part of each of my priorities. In my relationship with Ben, God is #1; in my relationship with the kids, God is #1; in my relationships with family, God is #1. Jesus help me not to push you out of certain areas of my life. Help me to make you #1 in every area of my life!

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Cheri said...

I like the new format! I hope that you and Ben are able to go on a date soon. Yay! for getting your stove fixed! Love you!