Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homeschool vs. Public

“Mommy, I’m starting to wish I was still homeschooling.”

Those words rocked my world last week. I’ve been struggling enough with this transition, but have always been thankful that at least Benjamin is enjoying school. Now how do I make it through this year? I know there are pros & cons to both homeschooling & public school. I know them…not just from hearing, but by experience. I have experienced the pros…of homeschooling…the freedom, the flexibility, the joy of seeing my kids play together…versus public…the relief of having one less to teach this year, the joy of seeing him get along with his peers & bring home new ideas. I’ve also experienced the cons…of homeschooling…the stress of planning & never getting a break…versus public…a tired child, always being rushed, no more spontenaity, the ache when he says how much he misses playing with Manda & Kirby & missing the day to day life lessons.

It’s been a struggle for me since day 1, but I firmly believe that God has us here for a reason this year. As far as next year…I have no idea. For now though, I will help Benjamin see the positives & remind myself of them often. We will get through this year…and be better for it…with God’s help. Thank you Lord that I can trust that you guided us in this school decision…and that you will be with us through it. Please help us all…the kids included…to know your peace about this even though it hasn’t been the easiest thing. Help us to be open to learn what it is you have to teach us through this. Help Benjamin to be a light for you to his classmates, his teachers & all the others he comes in contact with. Give us wisdom when the time comes to make decisions about next year.


Cheri said...

I am sorry that it has been a struggle lately. It's always hard to persevere when things are not going well. Praying that things will start to get better soon. Love you!

Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

Aw Heidi... That quote from Benjamin broke my heart in two... I can't imagine what it did to your Mommy's heart.
I'm so sorry things aren't going as well as you'd hoped. I'll pray for both of you today...
Love you