Monday, October 6, 2008

Rest...and now on to a new week

We had a wonderfully relaxing day yesterday. Sundays we’ve always tried not to plan too much…we need that day to regroup, relax, & prepare for the week. We’ve had a number of busy Sundays lately though so it was especially nice to just stick around home yesterday.

Ben played his first hockey of the season last night. It’s always a bit of a tough time for me. Hockey gives Ben somewhere to vent frustration & whatnot, so he’s usually more relaxed once hockey starts. At the same time though, he’s more tired because hockey is so late…and I have to get used to no husband a few evenings a week. Once we get into the swing of it I really don’t mind that much because I get a few hours to myself to catch up on things….it’s just those busy weeks when something’s up nearly every night that it’s hard. Anyways…all that babble to say I’m in that adjusting stage againJ

Today is the first day we’re doing our full school schedule. I had left science & social until I got into the swing of things with school, Kid Connection, etc. It’s gone pretty good so far. Just a little bit left to do. Amanda’s program has been a bit of a struggle lately. She has to be in a good mood or it’s just torture. I’m hoping it’ll get better now if I can be more consistent so she knows what to expect. Kirby has had some attitude today, but I’ve been working at adjusting how I deal with it & it seems to be helping! Thanks Lord for giving me wisdom!

Well, I think that’s all I have for right now…seems pretty boring…sorry, you’ll have to bear with me as I get this all figured outJ

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