Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best Kid Connection yet!

We had such a fun Kid Connection last night! Makes me think we should just scrap the curriculum & do our own thing every night…don’t know if I have the time or energy thoughL After our regular welcome & such, I talked a little about Africa & showed a couple of video clips. That was exciting in itself for me…you see all our Africa video has been trapped on the video tapes for over 10 years now…my parents video camera died & we had no other way to watch it. Just in the last couple of weeks Lane Elliott has started putting it all onto DVD for us. It was very hard to skip through it all to find a couple of clips to show the kids!! Brings back a lot of memories to see those tapes again!

Anyways, after checking out where all these countries were on the map, Lane & the kids (mostly the kidsJ) taught a Spanish song. Right away I was amazed at how quiet the kids all were & trying to do the actions with Alexis, Jemma, & Noah…they never cooperate that well when I try to teach a song! J Then I realized I shouldn’t be surprised…we’d planned it that way…and God knew what He was doing when He laid these ideas on our hearts! Kids learn better from kids! Then we split the kids up…the big kids colored a Paraguayan flag & the little kids went to look at pictures…again, nearly every one of them stood around the computer while Noah talked about the pictures…unheard of! Then the kids switched & Alexis & Jemma told the older kids about the pictures…they were enthralled!

Then came the funnest part in my opinion…Sheri gave each of the kids a Paraguayan coin & they got to go over to Noah’s fruit stand to “buy” their snack…Paraguayan (& African) style! The kids loved it! As they ate their snack they had a chance to ask Alexis, Jemma, & Noah questions…and again were listening! It was so fun to see them gobbling up the informationJ Thanks Lord for allowing us the privilege of showing these kids just a little piece of You! Please help us to listen closely to Your voice as You guide us in preparing & leading Kid Connection…work through us Jesus!


Brandy said...

Thats so great heidi I am so happy that its going well!!!

Beckie & Trevor Muirhead said...

Really neat... I remember as a kid being fascinated by missions... I would listen to guest speakers and wish I could be a missionary! You'll never know how many future evangalists you're teaching there. God is so good!