Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I’ve been pondering a lot in the last few days & have been wanting to write…we’ll see how much time the kids give me nowJ

James & Cheri leave tonight for Norway…I have so many mixed emotions… What an adventure!...To be able to go & live in Europe…in a country that has family history for us no less! To be able to bring up Max in another culture…and introduce him to another world. For James to be able to do the job he loves! A great excuse for us to finally go to Europe! Who wouldn’t be thankful for all that!?

Yet the other half of me is saying…Norway??...when will we get to see them again? Max almost certainly won’t recognize us when he sees us next. Yes, we have ways to stay in touch thanks to technology, for which I’m thankful…but what about the heart to heart talks…will we be able to stay as close? How will Cheri cope having no family to help out (I mean that only in the best way…having family close by is a lifesaver to a new mom…I know by experienceJ)? Why, Lord? Why does my dear friend & sister have to move away?

Then I think…really Heidi…what business is it of yours?? If God has called James & Cher to Norway, who are you to do anything but encourage them?! God has a plan for them & I have no business interfering! Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future.” Wow Lord! You know what’s coming for James & Cheri in Norway…and for us here at home….and you want us to prosper! You will give us hope when we’re feeling lonely! What a future we will have if we allow you to carry out your plans in us!

Will I still miss my dear friend & sister? Absolutely! Will there be days when I just want to be able to give her a hug? Many of them I’m sure! But I know that James & Cheri will not be alone…God will be with them every step of the way…the hard steps & the easy steps. I know that He has a purpose for them way beyond what I can understand…and that He will be glorified in that…and that’s what matters!

So I will strive…with God’s help…to stand firmly in that…knowing that He has a plan for James, Cheri, & Max in Norway…and that He still has a plan for each of us on this end too!

Lord please help me to know in all of this, that You are in charge…that You know the “big picture” & have a plan for all of us! Help me to be able to be an encouragement for Cheri. Be with James, Cheri, Max, Mom, & Dad today Lord as they say goodbye at the airport. Give them all the peace that only You can give. Wrap Your arms around them…comfort them. Protect James, Cheri, & Max as they travel…put Your hedge of protection around them. As they move into their new home Lord…be with them. Send people to encourage them Lord…friends to hang out with…an adopted aunty or grandma for Max…someone for Cheri to confide in. Not that we want to be replaced Lord…by all means, we don’t…but we know how important it is to have those people in our lives. So in this time when we can’t be as close as we’d like to James, Cheri, & Max…bring them people to fill that void. Lord I know that James, Cheri, & Max never were mine to give to You, but in my head I know I need to not worry about them or stress about the distance…so Lord I give them to You. I love them with all my heart, but they belong to You Lord…always have & always will. Thank You Jesus that I can trust You with all of this. In Your name I pray…Amen!

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