Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Monday (or Tuesday) with Heidi

I'm thankful for…the time I got to spend with my family this weekend. It was the first time in a long time that we’ve all been together. The only one missing was BenL. I’m also super thankful that James, Cheri & Max will be here for Christmas!!! It wasn’t the same without them last year & it will be so nice to be altogether this year!!! Cheri & Max got here on Saturday & James will come closer to Christmas. I can’t wait to catch up!

What’s happening with the kids? The homeschool teacher comes tomorrow. I’m half dreading it (because I know I should have done more with Manda), half relaxed…so glad I didn’t go blended & that I don’t need to feel like Manda has to be in a certain place. She’s been doing more & more writing…and picking up more & more words in her reading. It’s so fun to see her be excited about reading. Last week was Manda’s last gymnastics before Christmas…and we were allowed to watch. Ben’s parents were there, as well as my mom & Kirby…and Benjamin got to come for a bit during his recess. It was so fun to watch her. She was just glowing & having so much fun!! Benjamin is still up & down about school. He’s come to a place where he realizes the pros of each…but he still really wishes he was at home. He sure has grown up a lot in the last few months. Benjamin is still loving hockey. Lately he’s been learning to stop…and he’s doing great! Kirby is still Kirby…he loves to pester & bug whenever possible…yet he can play nicely for hours on any given dayJ. He is still loving hockey. He is mastering his skating & figuring out how to hit the puck without fallingJ.

What’s new with Ben & I? Ben still has work for which we’re very thankful. We’re praying we can keep on cribbing till Christmas. After that we should be able to do a couple of insurance jobs from the hail storm in August. With all our resources spent getting through last winter…we are thankful for anything & everything right now! I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster the last couple of weeks. Not sure I can even pinpoint exactly why…just a lot going on…in life & in my head. I’m really looking forward to this weekend…Ben & I are going on our annual date weekend for our anniversary. We haven’t gotten away enough this year & it will be wonderful to have the time with no kids or work taking our attention.

What’s happening around the house? Not nearly enough. I’ve revamped the kid’s chores to include bathrooms, which has helped a lot, but there are still a few things getting left. For the most part I live with it…I am very much of the opinion that a clean house isn’t important enough to stress about. But at the same time…I feel better & get more done when it is at least generally clean. I’ve been doing a lot of sorting & moving things to & from the shed so I feel like my piles around the house are never ending. Ah well…it’s definitely gotten easier as the kids are able to do more. I’m really looking forward to starting some baking SOON!

What's happening in my kitchen? I’ve been gone so much that the cooking in our house has been pretty sad. Lots of last minute meals thrown together. I’ve noticed it…and that means Ben has really noticed itJ. So tonight I made sure to cook a real meal. We had mini meatloaves & baked potatoes. We all really enjoy this meal & it’s so, so simple.

I am missing…Sheri. Sheri is one of the few people who can help me even out these emotional rollercoasters I get in. It’s been 11 months since I saw her…as thankful as I am for email & Skype…it’s just not the same. I love you my friend!! I’m thankful for the memories we have from last Christmas…turkey dinner & our own mini ChristmasJ.

I am praying for…peace. There’s been a lot going on in my head & heart lately…Lord please help me to see clearly what You are trying to teach me. Give me Your peace that passes all understanding.

What’s God been doing in my heart? Learning to seek Him continuously…just keep giving it all back to Him!

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