Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Benjamin,

If you’ve just started reading my blog...this entry explains why I post letters to my kids:

Benjamin Caleb,

Wow, are you really 8 years old? Somehow that seems like a big jump from being 7. Seven was still just a little boy...eight seems like you’re on your way to being a young man & I can hardly believe it. You have grown up so much in the last year. We’ve had a lot of ups & downs & I’m so proud of how well you’ve handled it all.

On your last birthday we were homeschooling. You were at home with me all the time & although you drove me crazy sometimes with your chatterJ...I loved having you there. When Daddy & I decided that you were going to go to the public school this year we weren’t sure how you would react. I was worried that you’d be totally against it (you were when I had mentioned it casually months before). We knew that’s where God was leading us though, so we prayed about it & then took you on a “date” to tell you. Well, God had worked in your heart because you actually got excited about it. I think that was April. All summer you kept saying you couldn’t wait for the summer to be done so you could go. I told you to enjoy the free time while you had itJ!

The first 2 weeks of school you loved it. It was all new & special & you had so much fun. At that point you made a comment to me that you wished you were still homeschooling because you missed being at home. That just about broke my heart. I was struggling as it was, but it helped to know that you were enjoying it. We had a long talk about persevering (something we’ve talked a lot about since we learned about Gladys Alyward last year) and you seemed to do ok. In the last month though you’ve brought it up numerous times, how you miss being at home. I’ve been so proud of you though for the way you’ve talked about it. You recognize the things you miss about homeschooling, but you see the positives of school too. I’m not sure what we’ll do for school next year...I’m waiting for God to make that clear...but I pray that you will be able to learn something from this year.

I’ve also really enjoyed watching you interact with Manda & Kirby. So often I find you teaching Manda & Kirby...not always big things...just little tidbits about life. It means so much more to them coming from you than if I was to tell them & it’s so much fun for me to see!

One of my favourite moments with you this year was when we went for a bike ride for your special night this summer. We rode to JOKO’s & then found a spot down by the creek to sit. You asked such amazing questions about God & we just had such a good talk! I look forward to many more talks like that!

We love you so much Benjamin. Our prayer is that as you go through this next year that you would grow closer to Jesus & learn more about how to follow Him in everything you do.

Love from,

Mommy & Daddy

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