Monday, May 11, 2009

Mondays with Heidi

I'm thankful for…all we’ve been able to get done on our yard & house while Ben hasn’t had work.

I'm listening to…kids doing a puzzle together.

What's for supper tonight…The Thigh Who Loved Me (yes that’s the name of the recipeJ) with noodles & broccoli salad.

Highlights from last week…Swimming lessons, soccer, & school… We didn’t have a whole lot up last week…it was nice to catch some things up. I got 2 sets of pictures done which takes a load off my shoulders…one more set to go. Ben hasn’t had work since Thursday or Friday, so he helped me get some stuff done in the yard. Every year the mill just west of town has one day when they offer free bark mulch. On Friday I headed over to with the pickup to get a load. I was hoping to get 2 loads for us & then pick up my parent’s trailer to get a load for them (my dad was gone). Well, either they didn’t have as much mulch this year or there were more people who showed up early. I managed to get 2 loads, but not the third before they ran out. On Saturday, my brother Andrew & 2 of his friends came to work at our house for Mayqueen. Mayqueen is a fundraiser the highschool does every year. It’s a competition between the grades to see who can raise the most money. Students get contracts around town to work. I have great memories from Mayqueen when I was in school & have enjoyed having them help me do yard cleanup each spring. This year they raked, picked up garbage (along with the poo job that I designated to DrewJ) & spread bark mulch. For a few years now I’ve been working at getting a border of mulch around all the bushes & trees in our yard to help clean it up. We finally got it all done this year! We ran out of mulch at the end & couldn’t do as thick as I wanted in some spots, but it looks good! Yesterday we headed to Calgary right after church. Benjamin & I went to a performance of “Beethoven Lives Upstairs” put on by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. We studied that story for school & it was a great way to wrap it up. Once that was done we picked up a few things we needed & then hung out at Chapters till it was time for our supper reservations. I’m so thankful my hubby made reservations…I didn’t envy everyone waiting at the door! All in all it was a different Mother’s Day than usual (we usually stay home or go out west, or I go to the greenhouse), but we had fun.

What's happening this week…Swimming lessons & soccer… I need to get pictures done & of course there’s always laundry. Ben doesn’t have work for tomorrow so we’ll probably try to get some kind of house project done. On Thursday I do Manda’s re-evaluation for the neurodevelopmental program she’s been on. Generally we go to Okotoks for the re-eval & meet with them, but because money is so tight we opted for the cheaper phone version. I’m disappointed we don’t get to go see them because it always helps to hear them say how much she’s grown, but I know this is best for right now. As for the long weekend…who knows. We hate camping on the long weekend because there are way to many people out west…and the weather isn’t looking great anyways. The kids have been begging to camp though & we never go enough…so if Ben doesn’t have work again…who knows…J

I am missing…having work! Struggling not to worry about how we’re going to pay bills…

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