Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby's grow up...

Well, today is Kirby’s birthday. My baby is 4! It has me thinking…how on earth do they grow up so quickly right in front of us? Don’t get me wrong, I learned a long time ago that if I spent all my time wishing they’d stay little then I’d miss all the new things as they grew up. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed just enjoying (most of the time) each new stage as it comes. Right now I’m really enjoying the ease of going to do things together. Things that we wouldn’t have dreamed of doing 2 years ago is no big deal now. It’s so much fun to go out as a family & make memories! As Kirby turned 4 today it hit me though that babyhood is long behind us. I know I’ll miss each of those baby & toddler stages…but I guess at the same time it makes me more determined than ever to enjoy the kids NOW instead of looking back at what has passed or ahead at what’s coming.

I love the way Benjamin thinks of others. He gets soooooo excited to do something for people who have less…Santa’s Anonymous, Operation Christmas Child…even just reading a story about someone he starts talking about how fortunate we are!

I love Amanda’s perseverance & ability to take things as they come. With the setbacks she had early on with speech, she has done amazingly well. We’re so proud of her for each step she has made to catch up & reach her full potential!

I love how Kirby is so affectionate & can make me laugh. He not only loves cuddles, but will come up to me any time of day just to give me a hug & say “I love you”…warms a mommy’s heart!

Thank you Jesus for blessing Ben & I with Benjamin, Amanda, & Kirby! Please help us not to take them for granted or get so busy with life that we miss the joys of growing up. Please give us wisdom in raising them to know & love you with all their hearts!

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