Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kaitlyn Marie Werdal

I will still post more pictures from Christmas, but wanted to get these pics up right away because one of Kaitlyn's aunties is very anxious to see her & won't be able to hold her for quite some time yet...these are for you Cheri:)

Our first niece was born on New Years Day 2009...she's the New Years baby for Olds! Her name is Kaitlyn Marie Werdal, born to proud parents Nathanael & Brandy Werdal, weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 ozs. & measuring 20.5 inches long. We went to see her for the first time yesterday.

Byron was there holding her when we got there...about 5-10 minutes after we arrived they all started laughing...they'd been guessing on how fast I would go over & snatch Kaitlyn from Byron...but I was holding out:) I did get my turn though!

After Brandy fed her, Manda wanted a turn! She held her for AGES & didn't want to let go! It's sure special for her to have a girl cousin! I'm sure they'll have lots of fun doing girl things as Kaitlyn gets older!

Kirby was next asking for a turn...very proud, but a quick 2 minute hold was enough for him:)

Benjamin is growing up so much...I could see it in his eyes that he understood a lot more of what has just transpired & how special it is to have a new little one!

Benjamin's the only one who would give Kaitlyn a kiss right away, I think the other 2 were too intimidated by her size still:)
On Manda's second turn holding Kaitlyn she decided it might be alright to give her a kiss:)

I just couldn't resist stealing her away for a few minutes to take some pictures:)
With Brandy's help, I finally got a few with her eyes open:)
And one priceless tongue shot to end it off:)

After all that we decided it was time to go & Nathanael realized Ben hadn't held Kaitlyn yet! He got a quick cuddle in while the kids got their jackets on:)

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Cheri said...

Thanks Heidi! Great pictures! She is sure adorable!