Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prayer for a Friend

I just had to share this song.  It’s called “Prayer for a Friend” by Casting Crowns.  I’ve listened to it before, but hadn’t heard it in a while.  Nearly every time I hear it though, it brings tears to my eyes.  It automatically brings some very dear friends to mind...and speaks of my longing to bring them to my Father.  Not all the words fit exactly...there aren’t necessarily any “circumstances” or wrong decisions’s just the whole tone of the song to me is a longing to bring those who are dear to our Father. 

I put my iPod on shuffle today & when this song came on tears immediately came to my eyes.  God has laid a number of friends on my heart in the last few weeks...who I’ve thought of nearly constantly...and today I prayed this song twice for them...lifting them up to Jesus!


Jodi Janz said...

I love that song. I have never heard it before. Is it new or old?
Thanks for sharing it with us Heidi. I have a few friends/family that I could recite that for.

Heidi said...

It's on "The Altar & the Door" which was released in 2007. I think that people don't listen to that CD as much as their others thoguh (at least I don't).

Lisa said...

Heidi did you hear that Casting Crowns is coming to Calgary in July?!

Heidi said...

I did hear Lisa:) Not sure if I'm going to make it or not, but I'd sure like to!