Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Truly Important Things I've Done This Summer

This is a follow-up to my post back at the beginning of August.  I wanted to keep track of what I did & keep myself accountable so to speak.  So here are some of the important things that I’m happy I have filled my summer with so far (in no particular order)J.

v  Went out west to hang out with my family & dear friends the Sawatzky’s (missionary friends from when we were in Africa).
v  Took the kids camping...and along with Ben got to see them all catch their first fish.
v  Sat on the couch with my kids & read stories.
v  Went for a walk with my wonderful friend Jodi & thoroughly enjoyed adult conversation.
v  Hung out with a new homeschooling friend & her kids.
v  Went to the of those times with my good friend Kim.
v  Spent time with Kyla (sister in law) & her kids.
v  Enjoyed an afternoon with the Browns...visiting for me & play for the kids.
v  Helped get the Elliotts moved in.
v  Played games.
v  Spent some extra time at camp with Amanda when we picked her up to let her show us around & tell stories.
v  Took the kids on a field trip to a honey farm.
v  Spent an afternoon/evening with our dear friends the Elliott’s.
v  Sat & chatted with my sister Jodi at a church potluck when she came through unexpectadly.
v  Talked on the phone for over an hour with my dear cousin Beckie.
v  Put my camera down & enjoyed the moment.
v  Played catch with Benjamin & enjoyed his smile.
v  Enjoyed holding Kirby’s hand when he was needing extra closeness.
v  Cherished the moments when Amanda comes to me out of the blue & says, I love you Mommy.
v  I have sat here at the computer trying to work on something...and instead I have been stopped in my tracks by my kids’ laughter...and I have just sat here & enjoyed itJJ.

There is still much more I want to do...and I will update again, but I feel good about the truly important things we’ve been able to do this summerJ.  What have you been up to this summer?

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Beckie Muirhead said...

Glad you had time to discover the true important matters in life! Love you!